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Lancaster LXII, Lancaster LXIII, and Hershey/Palmyra

Yippee! Another trip to Lancaster County. It was a day of scenery, gardens, frog, and ruins. Actually, the garden area, next to Donegal Presbyterian Church, had interesting history because that's the location of the Witness Tree, where Reverend McFarquhar and congregation vowed to join forces against the British in September of 1777, upon hearing news that the British army had left New York to invade Pennsylvania. Anyway, the Pastor Tom saw that I was getting information from the plaques and offered a short tour of the church. There are some unusual things about this church. The pews were made from window shutters donated by the community, an 18th-century example of recycling and also they couldn't get enough wood back then. Also, the bones of a horse are buried under the church. They found those while doing renovation work about 25 years ago.

On Sunday, I returned to the same area around Elizabethtown in Lancaster County for some geocaches in the Elizabethtown College area. It's kind of neat that they formed a geocaching club at this college. After that, I continued to Middletown and Swatara. I went for some geocaches along the Swatara Creek Trail before giving up because the area was rather overgrown with vegetation. So I pushed onwards into Hummelstown and Hershey. (I didn't really go to Clown Park but I thought the sign was funny.)

Saturday 2015-06-06:

Mushroom Country (Delaware)
A Commitment to Liberty (Pennsylvania)
I'm a Rainbow Challenge (Pennsylvania)
Deja Vu (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - Decoding the past (Pennsylvania)
Critter Cache #7 (Pennsylvania)
Mount Joy Peace (Pennsylvania)
"Oh, They Tell Me Of An Uncloudy Day" (Pennsylvania)
Yippee! MKH C&D Series (Pennsylvania)
Old Country School House (Pennsylvania)
R.I.P. (Pennsylvania)
SOS - 10 Minute Caching (Pennsylvania)
Way, Truth the Life (Pennsylvania)
Hans Graf Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Are we there yet?? (Pennsylvania)
Seven Spires (Pennsylvania)
SOS - Give Winter The Finger (Pennsylvania)
Bright Big Red (Pennsylvania)
Under the Shade Tree (Pennsylvania)
Harry Potter IHO #2 (Pennsylvania)
Parks and Recreation (Pennsylvania)
Ducks Up (Pennsylvania)
Bainbridge Peace (Pennsylvania)
Lamar (Pennsylvania)
Need A BandAid? (Pennsylvania)
Birthday Coin Cache (Pennsylvania)
Enjoy the Beautiful View! (Pennsylvania)
Welp, This Is a First (Pennsylvania)
Strike Fast (Pennsylvania)
Fenced In! VII (Pennsylvania)
Not So Easy Cache (Pennsylvania)
Maintenance Man (Pennsylvania)
90! (Pennsylvania)
Park and Cache (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-06-07:

Take a Seat (Pennsylvania)
Over the Hill and Through the Disc Golf Course (Pennsylvania)
Trolling for Caches (Pennsylvania)
Last Hide (Of the School Year) (Pennsylvania)
Pranks? Shenanigans? (Pennsylvania)
We love thee ever, oh E.C.! (Pennsylvania)
Get Fit! (Pennsylvania)
Market Street Mystery (Pennsylvania)
Bingaman (Pennsylvania)
Oops! (Pennsylvania)
Flying for fun (Pennsylvania)
Swatara Creek Trail #10 Twisted! (Pennsylvania)
Swatara Creek Trail #9 Oh Cedar (Pennsylvania)
Swatara Creek Trail #8 Reach to the stars (Pennsylvania)
Swatara Creek Trail #5 What stinks? (Pennsylvania)
One Way (Pennsylvania)
Old Road To Hershey (Pennsylvania)
The H.A. Society - Hershey Chapter (Pennsylvania)
A thousand finds for a cache. (Pennsylvania)
T to the Hershey Hizzle (Pennsylvania)
DrAiN BaMaGe (Pennsylvania)
Where's the Attraction? (Pennsylvania)
Magnet on the Avenue (Pennsylvania)
Mmmm, Mmmm Good (Pennsylvania)
Dude! That's my mom's house (Pennsylvania)
T to the Hizzle (Pennsylvania)
Signs Signs Everywhere is Signs (Pennsylvania)
Travel Bug Meet and Greet (Pennsylvania)
71656 (Pennsylvania)
Bubbly97's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Everything's Bigger in Texas!! (Pennsylvania)
Texas Two Step (Pennsylvania)
The Quentin Haus. (Pennsylvania)
Carpool Travel Bug Hotel (Pennsylvania)

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