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Verizon Fallen Cable Kafkaesque Adventures, Northeast Baltimore

Didn't go out on Saturday, until that night, because the weather looked bad, with flood warnings and all the trimmings. Also, I had an appointment with Verizon to get a fallen cable removed from my backyard. No Verizon field tech showed up on Saturday because it's Verizon. They didn't keep an appointment 6 years ago when I tried to order DSL, so why would they start keeping appointments now? I wasn't going to stay home on Sunday too, so I told them I'd leave the gate unlocked and the field tech can come by any time and remove the fallen cable. Sunday night, when I got home, the fallen cable was still there. Funny thing is I got a notification from Verizon that they have removed the cable. So field techs lie in their job reports?

On Monday, I sent pictures of the fallen cable on the ground, with one end still hanging from a Verizon box on my house and the other end hanging from the utility pole, to Verizon Twitter support. I got transferred to Verizon Live Chat, where support insisted that they'd actually removed the cable. After some back and forth, there was no further response from Live Chat support and the session timed out. So we're back to square one. Whatever. I'll deal with the fallen cable myself, either by chopping it up myself or propping it up on a tree branch. I was simply letting Verizon know, in case they wanted to help with the problem, but they don't seem interested.

My parents are staying at my place for a while, so on Sunday, I took them geocaching in northeast Baltimore, Towson, and Garrison. We went to a lot of cache sites, including some parks, a cemetery, some urban mall and shopping areas, and a historic octagonal bathhouse. They helped a lot at finding some of those urban cache hides, especially those difficult cache hides where multiple people looking from different angles can really cut down the search time. However, I got most of the caches where one had to hike out a bit farther from parking on my own, since they are still recovering from that long and terrible plane ride.

Sunday 2015-06-28:

Home Is Where The Cache Is (Maryland)
Essex Woods and Fitness Trail (Maryland)
Mario's Power Up (Maryland)
Lifehacksss Cache & Dash (Maryland)
Lincoln Navigating through time (Maryland)
Halo (Maryland)
Sign (Maryland)
The Wrap Around Cache (Maryland)
The Root Cache (Maryland)
Larger Than Life! (Maryland)
End of the Road (Maryland)
There's Parking Back Here?! (Maryland)
Tree Fox (Maryland)
Pet Fox (Maryland)
Biblical's Yellow Box Series #2 (Maryland)
Biblical's Yellow Box Series #3 (Maryland)
”OYR” Wanna Be #14-2 in Towson, MD (Maryland)
The Bowling Alley (Maryland)
No way out (Maryland)
You Don't Have To Be Thrifty To Find Me (Maryland)
White Box Alpha (Maryland)
Lime Green Shovel by VSG (Maryland)
The Carney "Stumper" (Maryland)
Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do? (Maryland)
Cromwell Hill Cache (Maryland)
Necco's Lunch (Maryland)
Welcome to Cromwell Valley Park (Maryland)
IYOF Big Tree Tour - Cromwell Sycamore (Maryland)
Arethusa (Maryland)
Busy Bee (Maryland)
Out of Gas (Maryland)
Snail Mail (Maryland)
On the side of SofiRitas (Maryland)
Hung by the fire with care. (Maryland)
Eight Crazy Nights (Maryland)
Screwge (Maryland)
Crossroads... (Maryland)
Midgee's Lunch Box (Maryland)

Tags: bad service, baltimore county, geocaching, verizon

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