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Chester/Montgomery, York, LVG GEM

It was a 3-day weekend for the Independence Day holiday. On Friday, we first went to finish some local series of geocaches that I hadn't had time to get to during the week. First, there was the set of 4 that was placed for last Monday's geocaching event. Then there was a set of 7 caches placed by West Whiteland Township for their 250th anniversary. It's also a nice way for the township to promote their parks. Stopped for lunch at the Exton Square Mall and ran into the Chick-Fil-A cow. The rest of the day was a round-up of various smaller batches of caches around Phoenixville, Trappe, Collegeville, and Limerick.

Saturday was a geocaching spree in downtown York, Southern York, and Spring Grove. The downtown York area was not my preference but a slightly rainy day was actually perfect for that. Urban areas that would normally be busy were free and clear because of the drizzle, so there was no trouble getting those caches. The one scenic area of the day was Indian Rock Dam. It is used for flood control, so it is normally dry unless there is heavy rain. On the way home, there were 4th of July fireworks visible from the US-30 bridge over the Susquehanna River. It seemed like every town along the way had a display like that too.

I wanted to go to the LVG G.E.M. geocaching event on Sunday afternoon, so we geocached in Quakertown, Coopersburg, Bethlehem, and Easton, before heading to Wegman's in Bethlehem for the event. There were some new geocaches in the area but also a bunch that I couldn't find on my previous visits because of ice and snow. It's surprising how easy those caches are, now that they aren't under a foot of refrozen snow.

Friday 2015-07-03:

Great Scott! (Delaware)
So Much Potential (Pennsylvania)
5 MPH (Pennsylvania)
On the Edge of What Used to Be (Pennsylvania)
A Goose's Guardrail (Pennsylvania)
WWT250-7 Waltz Park (Pennsylvania)
WWT250-6 Banbury Park (Pennsylvania)
WWT250-3 Boot Road Park (Pennsylvania)
WWT250-4 Ship Road Park (Pennsylvania)
WWT250-1 Exton Park (Pennsylvania)
WWT250-5 Meadowbrook Park (Pennsylvania)
WWT250-2 Miller Park (Pennsylvania)
Volley For Serve (Pennsylvania)
"OYR” Wanna Be in Phoenixville, PA (Pennsylvania)
The Trio (Pennsylvania)
Deep in the Jungle (Pennsylvania)
Where's the goose?? (Pennsylvania)
Psych! (Pennsylvania)
Sappy (Pennsylvania)
LIL. Blue (Pennsylvania)
just pass the 20 yard line (Pennsylvania)
Bullseye (Pennsylvania)
The devil made me do it (Pennsylvania)
EMF (Pennsylvania)
Poolside View (Pennsylvania)
Stand Alone Shed (Pennsylvania)
Money grows on trees (Pennsylvania)
Have It 3 (Pennsylvania)

Saturday 2015-07-04:

SGGT - This Cache Will Make You Shake! (Pennsylvania)
Slow Down (Pennsylvania)
If you hide it, they will come... (Pennsylvania)
Our Little Angel, Arieanna (Pennsylvania)
Furcifer pardalis - Panther Chameleon 2 (Pennsylvania)
Round Tuit (Pennsylvania)
A place for reflection (Pennsylvania)
Rogue Seedling (Pennsylvania)
Section 5 (Pennsylvania)
ivy trail (Pennsylvania)
Not Your Regular Guard Rail Cache (Pennsylvania)
Just Off The Rail Trail (Pennsylvania)
Comcastic Park (Pennsylvania)
Off The Beaten Path (Pennsylvania)
BROCCOLI (Pennsylvania)
benching around (Pennsylvania)
YORK100/"GREAT WHITE" (Pennsylvania)
Serenity Garden (Pennsylvania)
apple hill surgery (Pennsylvania)
APPLE HILL (Pennsylvania)
Stump Around the Park #3 (Pennsylvania)
Stump Around the Park #2 (Pennsylvania)
Stump Around the Park #1 (Pennsylvania)
B &B`s Indian Rock Lookout (Pennsylvania)
Woodberry GR (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - Round and Round We Go (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - PA Dutch Sunny Forest (Pennsylvania)
Obezag Retreat (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - A Primitive Cache? (Pennsylvania)
York 100/Heidelberg Park (Pennsylvania)
Grevious Valley Creek (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-07-05:

LVG G.E.M. (Pennsylvania)
Gone Postal 1 (Pennsylvania)
Do Caches Grow on Trees? (Pennsylvania)
Quakertown Memorial (Pennsylvania)
Some Like It Hot (Pennsylvania)
Eternal Cache (Pennsylvania)
Butcher Block (Pennsylvania)
Wave That Flag (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Themed Cache (Pennsylvania)
Not Your Typical Cache and Dash (Pennsylvania)
A Premium Cache For You (Pennsylvania)
My Silver Purse (Pennsylvania)
Desolation Row (Pennsylvania)
Crane Wheel Cache (Pennsylvania)
The little tree that Stood (Pennsylvania)
Knick Knack Cache-A-Whack (Pennsylvania)
Play Ball! (Pennsylvania)
33 P&R P&G II (Pennsylvania)
33 P&R P&G (Pennsylvania)
Ring Finger Where the Rock Is (Pennsylvania)
But first, let me take a selfie (Pennsylvania)
Not Another Tuma Preform! (Pennsylvania)
Get A Life [style] (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Army Ant - Whitehall (Pennsylvania)

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