Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Northeast Baltimore, Pottstown/Reading

Started Saturday with some geocaches around Havre de Grace, near the Concord Point Lighthouse and maritime museum. Then we made our way towards northeast Baltimore, via Edgewood and Joppa. There was a church fair going on right around "Cache to Eagle #11 - BAC, Harford District" but they knew about the geocache. As a bonus, there were sno-cones afterwards. Not too many geocaches come with refreshments. :)

Sunday's geocaching trip started near Pottstown and then we generally followed US-422 to Birdsboro, Reading, Wyomissing, Sinking Spring, and Robesonia. Two of the geocaches, "Hootie , The Owl" and "Passed Berks' Past #5", were at Red Caboose Park, which of course had to have a red caboose! The other noteworthy site was an old (half of a) bell at St Daniel's Church in Robesonia. No informational signs though, but it's probably the original bell from the church.

Saturday 2015-07-25:

Find the Bumble (Delaware)
Elkton BRANCH of the Y (Maryland)
Furnace Bay (Maryland)
Bridge To McLinney (Maryland)
Play Ball (Maryland)
Wine & Dine (Maryland)
SSB - Havre de Grace Maritime Museum (Maryland)
Dock your thoughts (Maryland)
Break A Leg (Maryland)
My Merit Badge Cache (Maryland)
Bridge Over Not So Troubled Water (Maryland)
Dalton's Favorite (Maryland)
Alto E Seco (Maryland)
Trimble Thimble (Maryland)
End Zone (Maryland)
Cache to Eagle #11 - BAC, Harford District (Maryland)
P.O. Box - Joppa (Maryland)
Dunkin' and Cachin' (Maryland)
WM & Campbell Rocking Micro (Maryland)
Circle to no where (Maryland)
Gun Range Here? (Maryland)
Reflective EOR (Maryland)
Whats the behind the Wal (Maryland)
BQ Travel Motel (Maryland)
TRaptures Big Red Box #8 (Maryland)
Just Outta Reach (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 52 (Maryland)
Muggle Farms (Maryland)
Biblical's Yellow Box Series #1 (Maryland)
This Tuesday is Ruby Colored (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 49 (Maryland)
Essex P&R (Maryland)
Tractor Trailer Alley (Maryland)
In Memory: Orange Box Cache #8- Golden Ring (Maryland)
Leading By Example (Maryland)

Sunday 2015-07-26:

The Present (Pennsylvania)
Little Connie (Pennsylvania)
Pearing Eyes (Pennsylvania)
Dixey South (Pennsylvania)
Beauty cache (Pennsylvania)
Thank You Penn Dot...NOT (Pennsylvania)
Singing in the Rain (Pennsylvania)
Mom Mom and Pop Pop's Guest House (Pennsylvania)
Agent of Change (Pennsylvania)
The Bronze Award (Pennsylvania)
The Final Countdown (Pennsylvania)
Rescue Me (Pennsylvania)
Beyond the Books (Pennsylvania)
Jim is my boyfriend. (Pennsylvania)
Like mother like... Son (Pennsylvania)
Off Broadway (Pennsylvania)
my 17th hide (Pennsylvania)
Taking Candy from a Baby! (Pennsylvania)
LiveSTRONG (Pennsylvania)
Ferroequinology (Pennsylvania)
Professor N. Lion's Evil Cache (Pennsylvania)
TCVG03 - STRUNK’S DAM (Pennsylvania)
Home Away From Home (Pennsylvania)
The Guard (Pennsylvania)
Quiet Street Cache (Name That Cache 8) (Pennsylvania)
Hootie , The Owl (Pennsylvania)
Passed Berks' Past #5 (Pennsylvania)
Pole Position (Pennsylvania)
Walking Dead of Sinking Spring (Pennsylvania)
Connected To The Cemetery (Name That Cache 9) (Pennsylvania)
Those Who Served--Sinking Spring (Pennsylvania)
Passed Berks' Past #4 (Pennsylvania)
B.S. - XVI (Pennsylvania)
BaRbIe EaT a SaNdWiCh (Pennsylvania)
Red Bird (Pennsylvania)
The Happiest Pool on Earth (Pennsylvania)
Old St. Daniels (Pennsylvania)
Another Milestone (Pennsylvania)

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