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Valley Forge, Doylestown, Reading

First goal on Saturday was to visit Valley Forge National Historic Park to look at some dolomite rock formations and get information for the "VFEC2: Parking Lot Stromatolites" and "VFEC3: The Port Kennedy Quarry" earthcaches. I needed those earthcaches for the High-Five for the Earth souvenir, part of Geocaching Road Trip '15. I guess it's a good thing I haven't been too diligent about finishing up all the earthcaches in this region because otherwise, there wouldn't have been a bunch that were within 30 miles of home! After that, we geocached our way up through Lower Gwynedd, Montgomeryville, and New Britain, with a final destination of Doylestown. Downtown Doylestown was a mess of congestion and parking was tough but we still got all the geocaches there and also visited the Little Free Library in the residential area just outside of the downtown.

Sunday's plan was to hit the Reading area again (including Shillington, Wyomissing, Mohnton, and Leesport) for puzzle caches since I'd solved more than 20 of those over the past week. My initial thought was I should save the puzzle caches for the last Geocaching Road Trip '15 souvenir, which comes out in two weeks. But then I realized I'm solving new puzzles all the time now, so it's pointless to save those. Most of those puzzle caches have themes and the physical geocaches follow the themes. So "Setz der Disch", which is food themed, is a roast turkey. The "Creature Feature" puzzles are animal-themed and "7 Creature Feature: Who Let the Dogs Out?" is a dog head, which admittedly is a bit bizarre to find in a camouflage bag in the woods.

Saturday 2015-08-01:

What Was the Tree on the Corner (Pennsylvania)
Trout Creek (Pennsylvania)
VFEC2: Parking Lot Stromatolites (Pennsylvania)
VFEC3: The Port Kennedy Quarry (Pennsylvania)
Fenced In! IX (Pennsylvania)
Fenced In! X (Pennsylvania)
Oxford Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Fenced In! VI (Pennsylvania)
Use Caution (Pennsylvania)
JALED #10 (Ode to "Weird AL") Hardware Store (Pennsylvania)
JALED #12 (Kiddie Cache #2!!) (Pennsylvania)
JALED #14 (Ode to "Weird AL") Taco Grande' (Pennsylvania)
Country Tyme Sheds (Pennsylvania)
The Snow Does Not Stop Me, Either (Pennsylvania)
JALED #13 (Kiddie Cache #3!!!) (Pennsylvania)
My Orange Purse (Pennsylvania)
Together Again! (Pennsylvania)
All My Bridges Burning (Pennsylvania)
Is Three Better Than One? (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In XXXI (Pennsylvania)
Got Ammo? II (Pennsylvania)
Militia Hill (Pennsylvania)
8 Burpees Do Them For Fun (Pennsylvania)
Lights Out Lenape (Pennsylvania)
Westwyck (Pennsylvania)
Another Micro for Doylestown (Pennsylvania)
5th Alphanumeric Name I Deliberately Used (Pennsylvania)
Lights Out Carriage Hill (Pennsylvania)
Roo's Eggstravaganza! (Pennsylvania)
Lights Out! (Pennsylvania)
Easton and Swamp (Pennsylvania)
A True American Hero (Pennsylvania)
Lay of the land #2 (Pennsylvania)
Maple Lane LFL (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-08-02:

Count on Me! (Pennsylvania)
Setz der Disch! (Pennsylvania)
3 Creature Feature: Snail's Pace (Pennsylvania)
Hang on, Suzy! (Pennsylvania)
Not Pot Pie! (Pennsylvania)
6 Creature Feature: Shell We? (Pennsylvania)
4 Creature Feature: Spheniscache (Pennsylvania)
Pebbles & Stones (Pennsylvania)
Ad Men (Pennsylvania)
1 Creature Feature: Herpetolocache (Pennsylvania)
5 Creature Feature: Gizmo & Co. (Pennsylvania)
High Pines (Pennsylvania)
Guilty Pleasure (Pennsylvania)
2 Creature Feature: Hare, Hair (Pennsylvania)
9 Creature Feature: Bird, Bird, Bird... (Pennsylvania)
8 Creature Feature: Cats! (Pennsylvania)
"Park it" (Pennsylvania)
Rock Line – Junior # 7 (Pennsylvania)
7 Creature Feature: Who Let the Dogs Out? (Pennsylvania)
Penny-Wise (Pennsylvania)
10 Creature Feature: Koko and Friends (Pennsylvania)
Horseshoe link trail (Pennsylvania)
Child's Play (Pennsylvania)
Zulu to Alpha (Pennsylvania)
Park It Here! - III (Pennsylvania)
Cry Baby #3 (Pennsylvania)
Park It Here! - IV (Pennsylvania)
Monkey Friendly (Pennsylvania)
Park It Here! - II (Pennsylvania)
Crossroads (Pennsylvania)
A New TB Barn @ TBFarm (Pennsylvania)
HH Hangout (Pennsylvania)
Sv Baseball (Pennsylvania)
U.S. Snail Mail (Pennsylvania)
MOM, I'm going fishin (Pennsylvania)
Leesport Shared Use Path on the SRT (Pennsylvania)
Another Cheezy Hide From A CheeseHead (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - V (Pennsylvania)
B.S. XIII (Pennsylvania)

Tags: berks county, bucks county, geocaching, geocaching road trip 15, montgomery county, valley forge

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