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Road Trip 2015, Lancaster LXIV, Bucks County and Newtown

The main goal on Saturday was to find a mystery cache to get the Put On Your Thinking Cap souvenir. The very first cache of the day, "Forgotten Bridge, Forgotten Code", which I'd been saving for a few weeks for this, came in handy for that. It's a simple puzzle about reading a piece of punched tape. Since that was the last of the five souvenirs, I got the Road Trip Hero souvenir for completing the "journey". To my surprise though, I also got the International Geocaching Day 2015 souvenir! I'd forgotten that August 15 was the day. So from one cache, I got 3 souvenirs. Not too shabby!

So what to do for the rest of the day? Why, take a trip to Lancaster, of course! I've seen lots of Amish buggies before but it was the first time I had to search one of those for a cache. "horse power" was that cache. It actually wasn't too difficult, although there sure were lots of crevices and corners where a microcache could have been hidden. There were also some creative caches, like this small wooden well. The main part of the afternoon was going around Ephrata for the "Sticky Situation" series. Each cache was something sticky like a bottle of honey, buttered popcorn, or a candy apple. Of course, the food items were plastic replicas since one cannot leave the actual items out there.

Sunday's trip was a sampling of new geocaches in the part of Bucks County past northeast Philadelphia. Actually, we were way past that area, according to this 19th century mile marker. It was, however, The Prettiest Spot In Bucks County. (Cuttalossa Farm) Actually, my intended destination was Newtown but only got there after exploring Warminster, Wrightstown, Anchor, Buckingham, New Hope, and Upper/Lower Makefield. It was a pretty full day with 40 geocaches over a wide area.

Saturday 2015-08-15:

Forgotten Bridge, Forgotten Code (Delaware)
Itsy Bitsy Pumpsie Doodle (Delaware)
Little Firecracker-Independence day hide (Pennsylvania)
Devotion II (Pennsylvania)
Like a Bridge over troubled water (Pennsylvania)
#10 0-4-0 T (Pennsylvania)
Brandywine Creek Trail (Pennsylvania)
horse power (Pennsylvania)
twinkle twinkle little star (Pennsylvania)
You can get anything you want..... (Pennsylvania)
Well-come to Eden (Pennsylvania)
1 out of 50 (Pennsylvania)
The tie that binds (Pennsylvania)
Slow and Steady wins the race (Pennsylvania)
Along The Cocalico (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 9 (Montana Rain) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 14 (Lou Bhree Kent) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 13 (Demon Egg) (Pennsylvania)
Stop and Reflect (Pennsylvania)
Raistlin's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 16 (Traubengelee) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 11 (Macintosh) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 18 (Pretty Digits) (Pennsylvania)
Cheapest Patch of Land ever! (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 12 (Exploding Maize) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 15 (Honee B) (Pennsylvania)
Not Quite the Golden Gate (Pennsylvania)
Fee-Fi (Pennsylvania)
Fo-Fum (Pennsylvania)
The Goat Path (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-08-16:

Jaled #24 (HB Cache) (Pennsylvania)
No Overnight Parking II (Pennsylvania)
Not Up Against the Wall II (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache XVI (Pennsylvania)
A Condign Cache (Pennsylvania)
Stumped (Pennsylvania)
Lights Out Nativity (Pennsylvania)
Lights Out Cold Spring (Pennsylvania)
Drop Anchor (Pennsylvania)
Lights Out Anchor (Pennsylvania)
What Does the Fox Say? (Pennsylvania)
A Publick Cache (Pennsylvania)
Waiting for Roadside Assisstance. (Pennsylvania)
Baseball in December (Pennsylvania)
Repaired 1918, Repaired 2013 (Pennsylvania)
Do You Want to Build a Hard Drive? (Pennsylvania)
Bull's Eye (My First Cache) (Pennsylvania)
Wall of Wealth (Pennsylvania)
Classic Cache (Pennsylvania)
Village 2 donut hole (Pennsylvania)
RiverWoods Woods (Pennsylvania)
Coryell's Monument (Pennsylvania)
Leave Me Alone (Pennsylvania)
Score!! A Cache at Laurel Park (Pennsylvania)
You're Benched! (Pennsylvania)
Laurel fire house (Pennsylvania)
Hollow in a Hollow (Pennsylvania)
The Prettiest Spot In Bucks County (Pennsylvania)
Lookout Park! (Pennsylvania)
Waiting Room V (Pennsylvania)
A Herd of Bison #1 (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to East Grant (Pennsylvania)
Lakeside Cache (Pennsylvania)
Didst I Stump Thee? IV (Pennsylvania)
Caching Brothers II (Pennsylvania)
Not a Recondite Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Olde Church of St. Andrew Redux (Pennsylvania)
William Penn's New Town Redux (Pennsylvania)
Newtown #2 (Pennsylvania)
Newtown #1 (Pennsylvania)

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