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North Baltimore County, Cache #30000, Western Bucks County

I actually don't have too many good areas left within the range of a day trip where I can get a good run of geocaches, but I thought I'd go make an arc to the north of Baltimore on Saturday. Most of the day was spent around the Prettyboy Reservoir area, where there were quite a lot of creative/unusual geocaches, including a black dog with bone, two kittens, a dinosaur, and an alien. Also, "Rock Me", in that same area, happened to be my 30,000th cache find! I think my 2000th Maryland cache was also within a few finds of that one, but this stat is harder to keep track of.

Sunday's trip started with geocaches in Blue Bell, and continued up through Lower/Upper Gwynedd, Montgomeryville, Telford, Souderton, Sellersville, and Plumstead, on the Western side of Bucks County. Not too many interesting or unusual items that day, other than a stone well, but did randomly encounter deer in a corporate campus parking lot.

Saturday 2015-08-22:

A Cache for Mike Ott (and you) (Delaware)
Thanks for the Invite, Mike Ott! (Delaware)
Cache to Eagle #7- BAC, Harford District (Maryland)
Cache to Eagle #5 - BAC, Harford District (Maryland)
LEGO my cache: REBOOT (Maryland)
Spenceola Pine (Maryland)
Deer Creek GR (Maryland)
Road Closed Maybe? (Maryland)
Still Out Papa's Back Door (Maryland)
Shop Right or Wrong? (Maryland)
Let's Go To Camp! (Maryland)
Welcome to Rock Ridge (Maryland)
A Partridge in a Pear Tree (Maryland)
Furnace and Furnace (Maryland)
Dasher (Maryland)
Diamond View (Maryland)
Hicks Wilson Water Stop (Maryland)
Kaboom! (Maryland)
Sarah's Fortune (Maryland)
Carmels Park & Hide (Maryland)
No Sign At All (Maryland)
The Easter Bunny Hunt (Egg #1) (Maryland)
Legends of Spooks Hill (Maryland)
Guardians of the Cache #1 (Maryland)
A Bad Day Fishing... (Maryland)
FAMILY FUN Series-"Twins Dot and Dash" (Maryland)
Rock Me (Maryland)
The Easter Bunny Hunt (Egg #2) (Maryland)
FAMILY FUN Series-"Cuddles the Calf" (Maryland)
Guardians of the Cache #2 (Maryland)
Geocachers From Here...and Beyond!! (Maryland)
Spooks Hill Guard (Maryland)
Guardians of the Cache #4 (Maryland)
FAMILY FUN Series-"Three Little Kittens" (Maryland)
Point Of No Return (Maryland)
RAK #1 (Maryland)
FAMILY FUN Series-"Mother Goose" (Maryland)
RAK #2 (Maryland)
In the Zone Country Drive #1 (Maryland)
Reflection (Maryland)
Near Ro Fo (Maryland)
Clearance 6-foot-4 (Maryland)
Eat More Chicken (Maryland)
Chuck Thompson Memorial (Maryland)
Just a Park and Ride (Maryland)
I-95 Rest Stop: Delaware (Delaware)

Sunday 2015-08-23:

Shake Your Booty (Pennsylvania)
Off the Beaten Path (Pennsylvania)
Fenced In! VIII (Pennsylvania)
Hope's Cache (Pennsylvania)
North Trewellyn Trail #1 (Pennsylvania)
North Trewellyn Trail #2 (Pennsylvania)
A Perfectly Cromulent Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Little Poison Ivy Never Hurt Anyone III (Pennsylvania)
Preserve This Cache III (Pennsylvania)
Montgomeryville Micro (Pennsylvania)
Cachers in the Outfield (Pennsylvania)
Another Guarded Cache (Pennsylvania)
That Way! (Pennsylvania)
The Way to Play (Pennsylvania)
How Much Does This Way? (Pennsylvania)
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Pennsylvania)
No Passage (Pennsylvania)
A Squirrel's Dinner Table (Pennsylvania)
Post Your Log (Pennsylvania)
Fair Warning (Pennsylvania)
I Just Love Scary Movies (Pennsylvania)
Tree Hides Can Be Wonderful Finds For Cachers (Pennsylvania)
School for Sundaes (Pennsylvania)
Lake Lenape Park (Pennsylvania)
Knives (Pennsylvania)
My Black Purse (Pennsylvania)
Green Box With Some Fun Attached (Pennsylvania)
Mossy Hollow (Pennsylvania)
Guardian of the Gate (Pennsylvania)
Black Beauty Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are! (Pennsylvania)
Fine Wine and Good Caches (Pennsylvania)
My Green Purse (Pennsylvania)
Call In Back Up! #2 (Pennsylvania)
Social Myths:If It's in the Paper, It Must Be True (Pennsylvania)

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