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Labor Day Weekend

The main goal for Saturday was to use my birthday coupon at Chevys Fresh Mex. This tex-mex restaurant chain has closed a number of locations so the closest one to me is now at Arundel Mills on the far side of Baltimore. Of course, it's not worth going all that way just for a free dinner entree, so I made a day of geocaching out of it. This time, I decided to go down through Eastern Shore Maryland, getting some geocaches in Sudlersville, Church Hill and Kent Island before crossing the Bay Bridge into Anne Arundel County. That seemed like a nicer way to go until we actually got into Anne Arundel County and traffic madness in that area pretty much forced me to stick to caches in one direction up through Severna Park and Glen Burnie. On the plus side, there were some neat locations in Severna Park like a lovely garden at Hatton Regester Green and a former train station with only the pillars remaining. There was even an interesting geocache at Arundel Mills. "Do You Feel Lucky?" is in the multi-level casino parking garage. Fortunately, the cache page told me which floor to park on and I figured it out from there. As an aside, it was tough finding parking at Arundel Mills on Saturday. This mall has grown significantly in popularity since they added the casino, a fancy new movie theater, and more restaurants. But eventually, I found a parking space a bit of a walk away and got my Super Cinco.

Sunday's trip was around to the other side of Baltimore, into Reisterstown, Finksburg, and Westminster. And the goal was to use another birthday coupon at Red Robin, although this didn't actually start out being the goal. There just happened to be a Red Robin on the way out of that area. I actually hadn't been very deep into Carroll County until this trip. Westminster was a bit bigger than I expected. There's a lot of countryside in that county, so it was a surprise to see a moderate-sized city in the middle of that. We took a look at The Cow, a well-known local ice cream establishment, although that was the one geocache we had to pass on because the place was too busy. And finally, in the evening, I got my guacamole bacon burger at Red Robin in Owings Mills.

Monday's excursion was up through West Goshen, Exton, Phoenixville, Collegeville, and then Skippack, Schwenksville and East Greenville, on the west side of I-476. Interesting geocaches and cache sites of the day were the lizard geocache in Exton, the log bridge walk in Upper Providence, and the covered bridge with a sign saying "Walk your horses or pay two dollars fine" in Skippack. No birthday coupon for Monday evening but crab cakes and salad at Ruby Tuesday in Lansdale hit the spot.

Saturday 2015-09-05:

Aquaman: King of Atlantis (Delaware)
SMS (Maryland)
Historic Church Hill (Maryland)
Pandion haliaetus (Maryland)
Anchor Management (Maryland)
Not A Basketcase (Maryland)
Cape St. Playball! (Maryland)
3rd row below (Maryland)
"MAMA" Cache (Maryland)
Colonial Garden (Maryland)
Quixote's Quest (Maryland)
Little House on the Prairie (Maryland)
In between the fingers and under the cigarette (Maryland)
Your 2 cents worth (Maryland)
Safe is the way to be (Maryland)
Riding the Rails (Maryland)
B&A Trail: Hatton Regester Green (Maryland)
Good Night Charlie (Maryland)
The Kommon Kohld (Maryland)
Caffeine Saves The Bay (Maryland)
B&A Trail: Pasadena Station (Maryland)
B&A Trail: Elvaton Station (Maryland)
Get Fit If Needed (Maryland)
”OYR” Wanna Be #7 in Pasadena, MD (Maryland)
Glory Cache (Maryland)
B&A Trail: Oakwood Station (Maryland)
Cache to Eagle #1 A Patriotic Scout (Maryland)
It all started here! (Maryland)
Recycled Cache (Maryland)
RF1 (Maryland)
Do You Feel Lucky? (Maryland)
What Would Wally Do? (Maryland)

Sunday 2015-09-06:

George is out for President's Day. (Maryland)
Lost Without BJs (Maryland)
Coward of the County (Maryland)
Out Back and on the Side (Maryland)
Follow the rules! (Maryland)
Redhead #1: Tarragon (Maryland)
COG Cache (TB Hotel) (Maryland)
Hunter? (Maryland)
2B1ASK1 (Maryland)
Landscapers Lunch #2 Revised (Maryland)
FORE !!!!! (Maryland)
Pole Dancer (Maryland)
In A Jiffy: Take A Break (C&D #10) (Maryland)
Welcome To Carroll County Rt. 140 (Maryland)
Hidden Cache (Maryland)
JJPr0ducti0n5-#1 (Maryland)
Geocoin and Travelbug HEAVEN (Maryland)
In A Jiffy (C&D #4) (Maryland)
It's Electric! (C&D #16) (Maryland)
Pedigreed Agriculture Emporium (Maryland)
Green Fields (Maryland)
Right on Target (C&D #17) (Maryland)
Bows, Racing & Bombs (Maryland)
”OYR” Wanna Be #9 in Westminster, MD (Maryland)
Ghost of Caches Past (Maryland)
You Can Do It! (C&D #1) (Maryland)
The Greene Box Turtle (Maryland)
Can You Hear Me Now? (C&D #8) (Maryland)
Good Will Hunting (C&D #6) (Maryland)
Stop! Don't go any further! (Maryland)
Lost My Mind! (C&D #5) (Maryland)
Used To Be Lowe But Now Its Old (Maryland)
Don't Bug Me! (C&D #15) (Maryland)
On our way into Mexico (Maryland)
A is for Austen (Maryland)

Monday 2015-09-07:

Fenced In (Pennsylvania)
Jewels and Gems (Pennsylvania)
E.C.S. Memorial Cache (Pennsylvania)
Rockpile II (Pennsylvania)
Chip off the old block (Pennsylvania)
I Feel Drained! (Pennsylvania)
Not Junk! (Pennsylvania)
Pine Bark (Pennsylvania)
Among the Ivy (Pennsylvania)
Poison Ivy Expressway (Pennsylvania)
Perkiomen Trail #1 (Pennsylvania)
Appalachian Cache (Pennsylvania)
LAXcaliber (Pennsylvania)
JRF Park Stroll (Pennsylvania)
Skippack Coffee (Pennsylvania)
The floral and hardy geocache (Pennsylvania)
Mini Log (Pennsylvania)
FLOWER POWER (Pennsylvania)
Take a seat (Pennsylvania)
Gone Fishing (Pennsylvania)
Little C D R (Pennsylvania)
Mini Stump (Pennsylvania)
SM C D R (Pennsylvania)
Log me in (Pennsylvania)
Between a Rock and a Hard Place! (Pennsylvania)
Peacock Cache (Pennsylvania)
Why not another cache (Pennsylvania)
Wally #1 (Pennsylvania)
Wally#2 (Pennsylvania)
Buzzy bridge (Pennsylvania)
Go fish (Pennsylvania)
Station Road (Pennsylvania)

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