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Metro Gathering 2015 (and also FAU 2015)

This past weekend was Metro Gathering 2015 in Northern New Jersey. By coincidence, it was also the weekend for FA United 2015 in the same general area. That was really convenient because I could stay at the Hanover Marriott (shared a room with jbadger) on FAU's group rate and hit Metro Gathering at the same time. If the two events had been on different weekends, I'd have incurred additional travel and hotel expenses to attend both, so that saved money too.

There were actually 3 geocaching events for Metro Gathering. On Friday evening, there was the "Pre~Metro Gathering Mega Meet and Greet" at Brundage Park in Randolph. It was a casual meet at the park pavillion with an opportunity to hike around the park for geocaches. Signal the Frog made an appearance too.

Saturday was the main event, "The 2015 Metro Gathering Event", at Waterloo Village in Byram. There were tents set up by the event itself, and various geocaching clubs and vendors. There were some games, raffles, and trading areas for pathtags and trackables. MacGyver the Coatimundi was present, and we also had a surprise visitor, a red fox who wandered into the village. Most of the fun of the event though was walking around the area in groups to find lab caches, letterboxes, geocaches, and the Wherigo cache. There was also a series of geocaches along the Morris Canal Trail, although by that time, the rain had started so we got caught in the downpour getting to the last few caches.

On Sunday morning, there was a follow-up event, "Join Chinster for a Mega Breakfast", at Panera Bread in Flanders. Signal the Frog was in attendance there too. That was a comparatively small gathering since most geocachers left after the main event, but there was good conversation.

As for FAU, well I actually spent more time at the geocaching events than at the con. However, I did get the chance to fursuit a bit and hang out a bit. I went to the dances each night and played in the Fursuit Games. The fursuit games this time had no teams, or just one big team, depending on how you look at it because everyone got a prize. There were three games: the limbo, charades, and musical chairs. I didn't do that well in the limbo but got an easy word for charades. In musical chairs, it was down to only 3 fursuiters before I got eliminated, which is a lot better than I usually do at that game.

Thursday 2015-09-10:

Frogger - Route 18 South (New Jersey)
Frogger - Route 18 North (New Jersey)
The Sandlot (New Jersey)
A Hidden Cemetery (New Jersey)
The Old Causeway (New Jersey)
(You Drive Me) Crazy (New Jersey)
FoxtrotUniform2 (New Jersey)
The Boro (New Jersey)
Cache The Rainbow: Queen Pink (New Jersey)
Kennedy Park (New Jersey)
My Little Pony! (New Jersey)
BC Mania #51 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #52 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #54 (New Jersey)
Defense (New Jersey)
49 New England Ave (New Jersey)
Alexander Graham Bell's legacy (New Jersey)
The Book Worm's Cache (New Jersey)
Cache for Burgers #4 (New Jersey)
No bones about it! (New Jersey)
Burger Time (New Jersey)
Never STOP Reading (New Jersey)

Friday 2015-09-11:

Steak or Pills? (New Jersey)
The Element of Crime (New Jersey)
Lost Sections of Patriots Path - Right Of Way (New Jersey)
Because We Felt Like It: Denville (New Jersey)
D is for Denville (New Jersey)
Downtown / Main Street USA: Denville, NJ (New Jersey)
Atlantic & Pacific (New Jersey)
Pre~Metro Gathering Mega Meet and Greet (New Jersey)
Brundage Park (New Jersey)
American WWII Aircraft- XB35 Flying Wing (New Jersey)
The Dickerson Mine (New Jersey)
"Ironia" (New Jersey)
Historic Randolph (New Jersey)
Randolph Scouts (New Jersey)
Mott Davenport Grist Mill (New Jersey)
E.T. 6 (New Jersey)
E.T. 5 (New Jersey)

Saturday 2015-09-12:

QC 42 (New Jersey)
The 2015 Metro Gathering Event (New Jersey)
Winakung ~"Place of Sassafras" (New Jersey)
The Lenape Village (New Jersey)
The Rutan Cabin (New Jersey)
Smith's Store (New Jersey)
The Gristmill (New Jersey)
The Morris Canal at Waterloo (New Jersey)
Old meets New ~ under Route 80 (New Jersey)
The Lock Tender (New Jersey)
Starport (New Jersey)
Morris Canal & Banking Company (New Jersey)
Waterloo Village and The Morris Canal (New Jersey)
The Forge at Waterloo (New Jersey)
Topography of the Morris Canal (New Jersey)
Jersey Mule Team (New Jersey)
Waste Weir (New Jersey)
Canal Boats (New Jersey)
Life on the Morris Canal (New Jersey)
Demise of the Morris Canal (New Jersey)
Building the Morris Canal (New Jersey)
Inclined Planes (New Jersey)
The Forge Era (New Jersey)
It Takes A Village (New Jersey)

Sunday 2015-09-13:

Where did all the stores go? (New Jersey)
Who's Hungry? (New Jersey)
Well...I've Dinnered Here (New Jersey)
Join Chinster for a Mega Breakfast (New Jersey)
The Union Hide (New Jersey)
S3K #29 (New Jersey)
S3K #20 (New Jersey)
Stoned (New Jersey)
S3K #27 (New Jersey)
S3K #12 (New Jersey)
Team Reckless 01 (New Jersey)
S3K #13 (New Jersey)
S3K #11 (New Jersey)
Netcong Train Station (New Jersey)
Don't let your guard down! (New Jersey)
What Happened to Tom's Diner? (New Jersey)
Classic Cache II (Redux) (New Jersey)

Monday 2015-09-14:

The Ghost of Phoebe (New Jersey)
The Birthplace of Santa Claus (New Jersey)
Lillifee (New Jersey)
Mt. Kemble Corporate Center (New Jersey)
Whisker Lickin Fun (New Jersey)
Glen Alpin (New Jersey)
A Friendly Cache (New Jersey)
Someone Once Said... (New Jersey)
Toasted Coconut (New Jersey)
MMM, MMM Good (New Jersey)
Farmstead Park (New Jersey)
Catty Corner (New Jersey)
Allen Hoops (New Jersey)
King Bridge (New Jersey)
Seventy-Eight / Two Eighty-Seven (New Jersey)
What's that sound? II (New Jersey)
Rolling Knolls K-N-O-L-L-S Way (New Jersey)
Overlooking The Meadow (New Jersey)
Quick QC # 7 (New Jersey)
Olde Towne Travel Bug Hotel (New Jersey)
Camo See Me (New Jersey)
BugSports : Grasshopper Soccer (New Jersey)
White Oak Trail (New Jersey)
Astroturf (New Jersey)
Leaving Bridgewater (New Jersey)
Geocaches Don't Grow on Trees (New Jersey)
Wandering in "Somerville" Circles (New Jersey)
Tower Nook (New Jersey)
Molly Pitcher Puzzle (New Jersey)

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