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Birthday Weekend, Codorus / Spring Grove / Hanover, Northeast Philly / Bensalem

Friday was my birthday so I took the day off and made it a 3-day weekend. I had lots of birthday coupons from restaurant mailing lists, so I picked the geocaching destinations accordingly, of course. Friday morning began with the free birthday Grand Slam at Denny's. Then it was a short trip around to Chester and Springfield, then Kennett Square, then Newark for geocaches. "A nice view" in Kennett Square was a neat location because it was next to an emu. This curious bird walks right up to the fence and makes little grunting noises when it sees any activity at all.

Saturday's trip was to Codorus State Park and Southwest York County, with a few stops in Maryland along the way. There were lots of creative and funny geocaches by Calamity Jane, including an outhouse teddy bear, one where Pooh got stuck, and a soccer bear. I actually got to meet Calamity Jane herself because she was in the area checking up on her caches. I was going for that Pooh cache and she drove in to the same parking lot in her bright red convertible classic car. What a character! She's a very nice lady and it was good to finally see who had been placing all those creative geocaches, both at the state park and near Prettyboy Reservoir.

Sunday's trip was to Northeast Philadelphia and Bensalem. I used to visit this area a lot but not so much recently because traffic delays are more common nowadays and the neverending I-95 construction does not help. It's also more trashy now than I remember because the city doesn't seem to clean up litter and new litter keeps piling up on existing litter. Anyway, the most bizarre geocache I found on Sunday was a raccoon plush toy. Because of all the litter I saw that day, I thought this too was trash at first because it was in a plastic bag next to a rock. It's very unusual but I don't think it's a good idea to keep a plush toy outside because it'll get soaked, dirty, and stinky after a while.

Friday 2015-09-18:

Atlantic Thrift Tribute (Pennsylvania)
Italian Abandond Building (Pennsylvania)
Array Abandoned Building (Pennsylvania)
The NORMAL Cache Box (Pennsylvania)
Sittin' Here Watchin' The Trains (Pennsylvania)
In Memory of George and Gert (Pennsylvania)
An Umoja Find (Pennsylvania)
Poker 2015 - The Turn (Pennsylvania)
Labor Day Hide (Pennsylvania)
A nice view (Pennsylvania)
Stealthomania (Pennsylvania)
Slippery Slope (Delaware)
Bushwacking Is Required (Delaware)
See Em, You (Delaware)
Quickie II (Delaware)
Rock and roll (Maryland)

Saturday 2015-09-19:

Thursday Night Chess Club (Maryland)
Mrs. Y Nots ~DSG 3 (Maryland)
WALL·E ~ DSG 4 (Maryland)
Quasi Basic DSG1 (Maryland)
London Bridge is Falling Down DSG2 (Maryland)
Pylesville Park & Ride (Version 4.0) (Maryland)
Bahrain Cache (Maryland)
Welcome to Falling Branch! (Maryland)
SGGT15 – Electrified Cache (Pennsylvania)
SGGT15 – Fill'er Up Artesian Style (Pennsylvania)
SGGT15 – You’ll be “AMAZED” (Pennsylvania)
SGGT15 – Plumbers Nightmare (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - The Fortress of Jefferson (Pennsylvania)
let it snow #3 (Pennsylvania)
Teddy Bears' Picnic #1 (Pennsylvania)
Teddy Bears' Picnic #3 (Pennsylvania)
Teddy Bears' Picnic #2 (Pennsylvania)
Teddy Bears' Picnic #4 (Pennsylvania)
Teddy Bears' Picnic-WHERE'S POOH??? (Pennsylvania)
FAMILY FUN Series- "Lamb and Chick" (Pennsylvania)
DO PA BEARS _____ IN THE WOODS? (Pennsylvania)
Goldfinch Songbird (Pennsylvania)
SGGT15 – Subaquatic (Pennsylvania)
Rock of Ages (Pennsylvania)
Mustang Hideaway (Pennsylvania)
Cemetery Overlook (Pennsylvania)
Cache from another Planet (Pennsylvania)
HGT - High Water (Pennsylvania)
The Atrium (Maryland)
Favorite Superhero (Maryland)
Where the TREE could I be? (Maryland)

Sunday 2015-09-20:

Lunch Break - Northeast Phila Edition (Pennsylvania)
A little cache for the Burg (Pennsylvania)
In the Line of Fire (Pennsylvania)
SQUAMERCACHE 2 (Pennsylvania)
Tacony Creek Park (Pennsylvania)
Tacony Creek Park II (Pennsylvania)
TKP4 No Bats here (Pennsylvania)
Let's Go Flyers! (Pennsylvania)
Another Flying Goose Cache (Pennsylvania)
"OYR” Wanna Be in Bensalem PA (Pennsylvania)
Vandegrift Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Calling Char Char and Camy Bear (Pennsylvania)
Caching Brothers I (Pennsylvania)
Check Out This Cache (Then Check Out a Book) III (Pennsylvania)
A Recumbent Cache (Pennsylvania)
Katie Emily Sophia Cache (Pennsylvania)
Off to the Races! (Pennsylvania)
130 (Pennsylvania)
Another Turnpike View (Pennsylvania)
Duck Crossing (Pennsylvania)
Not the PA Turnpike #2 (Pennsylvania)
Shopping Center Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Cache In! (Pennsylvania)
Don't Wake the Neighbors! (Pennsylvania)
Purple Homer (Pennsylvania)
In Memory of Chris Mongillo. (Pennsylvania)
Lions Park/ The CC!'s Inaugural Cache! (Pennsylvania)
Front Tree (Pennsylvania)
mèdico verde (Pennsylvania)
Four Little Monkeys (Pennsylvania)
Three Musketeers (Pennsylvania)

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