Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FSC 2015, Pope Avoidance Weekend

Pope Francis visited Philadelphia this weekend. Since a large number of roads, including some major highways, in the city were closed for the occasion, most people thought traffic would be backed up everywhere. I didn't think that would be the case but it seemed prudent anyway to not travel anywhere in that direction. Plus, this year's edition of the First State Challenge was released on Saturday. So it was a good time to tour Delaware.

The FSC is partly a showcase of important sites in Delaware. So there were some interesting things to view, such as the Kalmar Nyckel mural, the Old West town in Carousel Park, and the giant Amish man. This time though, I decided not to rush and get all the FSC caches in one weekend. So on Saturday, I focused on the beach side of southern Delaware and hit other non-FSC caches in Milton, Lewes, and Rehoboth Beach along the way.

Sunday's outing was to finish the northern section of FSC in Bear, Newark and Wilmington. To fill out the day, I made a sidetrip into South Jersey for the newest caches in Pennsville, Mullica Hill and Mantua. The Salem River area was rather scenic as well.

Saturday 2015-09-26:

FSC-2015 Odessa (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Augustine Inn (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Ft. DuPont (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Little Creek Friends Burial Ground (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Christ Church Dover (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Dover Bazaar (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Harvest Years Senior Center (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Frederica Statue (Delaware)
Rock or Stone: A Quick Grab (Delaware)
I Will Be Good (Part 3) (Delaware)
Seeing Red Again (Delaware)
Foucault Pendulum (Delaware)
Puzzle Fun (Delaware)
Consolation Prize (Delaware)
Rudolph the Red Nosed Herring (Delaware)
Technology (Delaware)
Project 365-003 North O'Da Course (Delaware)
lewes city limits (Delaware)
Parker's 1st (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Lewes Beach (Delaware)
The Sweet Cache (Delaware)
Conleys chapel (Delaware)
Do You Know Your States All That Well? (Delaware)

Sunday 2015-09-27:

FSC-2015 Old New Castle (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Glasgow Park (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Iron Hill (Delaware)
Redd Access Trail (Delaware)
Seven Thirty Seven (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Hockessin Library (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Carousel Park (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Brandywine Springs (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Woodlawn (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Wilmington & Brandywine Cemetery (Delaware)
This Cache Really Sucks! (New Jersey)
Bargains By The Bagful (New Jersey)
Yellow Pills (New Jersey)
Bald Eagle Territory (New Jersey)
Take Cover (New Jersey)
Bro-Stache Cache (New Jersey)
Kangaroo Express (New Jersey)
"Back in the day..." (New Jersey)

Tags: first state challenge, geocaching, gloucester county, kent county, new castle county, salem county, sussex county

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