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Northeast Baltimore, Delaware FSC

On Friday, Hurricane Joaquin brought enough rain to cause some coastal flooding in Southern Delaware. Although I still had some of the First State Challenge series to do, I figured it would be better to go somewhere else on Saturday instead. So northeast Baltimore it was! We went to Churchville, Bel Air, and Long Green. It wasn't all suburban this time. There were some countryside areas with cows. The oddest thing I saw though was a deer and shoe display on a cemetery memorial.

On Sunday, it was time to finish the FSC. We went to Harrington, Bridgeville, Seaford, Millsboro, and Selbyville. There was still one FSC geocache near Bethany Beach that I didn't go for because I thought it would be better to save it for after the waters recede, but I had more than enough to qualify for the certificate. Anyway, the most interesting item of the day was a giant chair in Seaford and the best cache was a birdhouse library cache in Bridgeville.

Saturday 2015-10-03:

TRaptures Big Red Box #10 (Maryland)
Gran Caja Verde ~ DSG 7 (Maryland)
HSCD - Plumbtree (Maryland)
On The Way to The Dermatologist (Maryland)
Hidden Fairway (Maryland)
sweet spot (Maryland)
School's Out Forever ~ DSG 5 (Maryland)
Will it Float!!! Will it Float!!! (Maryland)
Stick a Fork in It (Maryland)
Runaway Bride (Maryland)
A view of the valley (Maryland)
Caches to Caches (Maryland)
Long Green (Maryland)
That's no moon! (Maryland)
Cul-de-sac (Maryland)
Between Poles (Maryland)
Oh Pappa (Maryland)
Baked Goods (Maryland)
Rusty (Maryland)
The Stick Cache (Maryland)
The Howling Cache (Maryland)
The Melt Away (Maryland)
Near Jimmy (Maryland)

Sunday 2015-10-04:

FSC-2015 Harrington Horses (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Newton Pond (Delaware)
I Will Be Good (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Bridgeville Library (Delaware)
Stephen Foster (Delaware)
Doo-dah! (Delaware)
My Name is Edith Ann (Delaware)
Auto Center (Delaware)
Middle Fjord Delay (Delaware)
Rusty Rail (Delaware)
Who Needs a Pit Stop? (Delaware)
Harry's Money Tree (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Governor Ross Mansion and Plantation (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Nanticoke Senior Center (Delaware)
Cosmo-Lite (Delaware)
Yesterday's Cemetery (Delaware)
David's City (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Bethel (Delaware)
Would you look at this (Delaware)
Young vs. Old (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Catman's Cemetery (Delaware)
FSC-2015 Transpeninsular Line (Delaware)
I Will Be Good (Part 2) (Delaware)
P365-005 The Queen of Micros (Delaware)
Project 365-002 So That's What you Look Like (Delaware)

Tags: baltimore county, first state challenge, geocaching, harford county, sussex county
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