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Loch Raven, Earthcache Day

Saturday was another trip to the northeast and north Baltimore area. "Oh My, Ducks, Goats, and Bulls" was a neat cache site because yes, there were goats and cows. The main part of the day though was a trip to Loch Raven Dam. On weekends, a section of Loch Raven Drive is closed to vehicular traffic and becomes a walkway. It's a nice walk with a few views of the reservoir. I went for the "LRD" series of caches by parking at one end of the closed road and taking a walk for half the caches. Then I drove over to the other end of the closed road and got the other half of the caches. That was about two miles of walking in total but it was easy because the road is level.

Sunday was International EarthCache Day 2015, so I wanted to find at least one earthcache to get the special souvenir for the day. An earthcache is a variation of the game where one visits a specific location or set of locations to learn about the geology of the area and verification of completion is by answering questions about the area or submitting photos. It turned out to be far harder than I thought to find an earthcache that I could do that day. The two earthcaches in Valley Forge that I'd planned on visiting were inaccessible because the park closed the whole trail in order to repair a bridge. That made no sense at all because the trail doesn't even cross the bridge, but who can divine the logic of the National Park Service? Fortunately, there was another earthcache just 8 miles away in Norristown Farm Park. So my earthcache for the day was about studying ripple marks on the rock bed next to Kepner Creek. It's a nice, shady spot.

Saturday 2015-10-10:

Prince of Nottingham (Maryland)
Oh My, Ducks, Goats, and Bulls. (Maryland)
Redberry toy box (Maryland)
the rolling crest cache (Maryland)
I need a bed for my flowers (Maryland)
Flash light#1 (Maryland)
Not a Stumper (Maryland)
Not Another Dam Guardrail Cache (Maryland)
L & P GRGZ (Maryland)
LRD 1 (Maryland)
LRD 2 (Maryland)
LRD 3 (Maryland)
LRD 4 (Maryland)
LRD 11 (Maryland)
LRD 10 (Maryland)
LRD 9 (Maryland)
LRD 8 (Maryland)
LRD 7 (Maryland)
LRD 12 (Maryland)
LRD 13 (Maryland)
LRD 14 (Maryland)
Loch Casey (Maryland)
A Methodist Church P&G (Maryland)
Gatsby II (Maryland)
Beer Run (Maryland)
Athenaeum (Maryland)
MD Pirates Plunder (Maryland)
Krazy's first hide (Maryland)
RAK #20 (Maryland)
Bump on a Log (Maryland)
The Washington Monument (Maryland)
Charmuth Park & Grab (Maryland)

Sunday 2015-10-11:

No More Ambulances (Pennsylvania)
Pole Vault VIII (Pennsylvania)
Marple Gardens Park (Pennsylvania)
Your Crew Won't Need to Stew Over This Cache (Pennsylvania)
Stockton Formation in Norristown Farm Park (Pennsylvania)
These Are a Few of My Favorite Things III (Pennsylvania)
GRT XVII (Pennsylvania)
. . . and the horse you rode in on. (Pennsylvania)
An Almost Forgotten Field (Pennsylvania)
This Cache's New Home (Pennsylvania)
South Penn Oak Trail II (Pennsylvania)
Rach's First Cache (Pennsylvania)
GRT multi (Pennsylvania)
Hancock Street Park (Pennsylvania)
Upside Down (Pennsylvania)
Red, but Brown (Pennsylvania)
Up Against the Wall! V (Pennsylvania)
Brewers delight (Pennsylvania)

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