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Edgewood/Dundalk, Another Taxman Run

Saturday's trip was to Bel Air and Forest Hill first to pick up some new geocaches, then to the south of I-95 to Edgewood, Middlesex and Dundalk. There wasn't much that was scenic about the latter areas. In fact, a lot of locations were rather trashy. The cache that made me chuckle was "Parkour!" I noticed a sign saying "Parkour" but didn't realize, until I went to check it out, that there's where the cache was. The most challenging cache was "Yellow Box # 48". That took quite a bit of looking because it was tucked into a corner that I didn't think was likely at all.

Sunday's trip was to Norristown, Lower Gwynedd, Montgomeryville, New Britain and Doylestown to get the newest Taxman caches, including "Taxman's Newest Hide", of course. I've found 982 of Taxman's caches so far, although he's already up to over 1200 cache placements, so I still have a few more to find! The difficult cache of the day was "Danger: Chlorine". It was a messy spot with a lot of branches and leaves, and somehow, I kept missing the cache until I took a closer look. "Bertrand Russell" was a mysterious one. I couldn't find it the last time but on this revisit, it was very easy and right where I thought. The mysterious part is it's the original cache, not a replacement, so it may have been a lot deeper in the tree hole last time.

Saturday 2015-10-17:

Behind Stores (Maryland)
Music Superstar! (Maryland)
Rust-Ick! (Maryland)
Wrapped in silver (Maryland)
Even Friends Walk Off the Beaten Path (Maryland)
Log Jam ~ DSG 8 (Maryland)
Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator ~ DSG 6 (Maryland)
Easy Street (Maryland)
The Mystery Spot (Maryland)
Bengie's Guard Rail Cache (Maryland)
Bengie's Curve (Maryland)
A bar near every corner..back from rehab (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 48 (Maryland)
Middlesex Park & Grab (Maryland)
New Years (Maryland)
It's not that easy! (Maryland)
Steak Night (Maryland)
It's Just Another GR Cache. (Maryland)
In Memory: Orange Box Cache #1 - Dundalk (Maryland)
Parkour! (Maryland)
There is something wrong with this road (Maryland)
WSUTA #3 (Maryland)
Out Papa's back door (Maryland)
Another one for you to find (Maryland)
WSUTA? #2 (Maryland)
Fly Like an Eagle (or Maybe a Sparrow) (Maryland)

Sunday 2015-10-18:

AFGC-Espresso#8: Can I Axe You Something? (Pennsylvania)
Holla 4 Dolla! (Pennsylvania)
Leo M. Ross Park (Pennsylvania)
Upper Merion Township Park (Pennsylvania)
Scum's Spot (Pennsylvania)
Blade5 (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters in Lower Gwynedd (Pennsylvania)
You Liked It Once, You'll Love It Twice! (Pennsylvania)
Cemetery View (Pennsylvania)
Stop III (Pennsylvania)
Campus Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Congratulations, texdoc56, on your 4k! (Pennsylvania)
Still Another Hint Taken (Pennsylvania)
Yet Another Hint Taken (Pennsylvania)
Deja Vu All Over Again (Pennsylvania)
Split Decision (Pennsylvania)
Taxman's Newest Hide (Pennsylvania)
Peaceful Stream (Pennsylvania)
GR's 1144 Birthday Cache (Pennsylvania)
Give a Little Kindness Today (Pennsylvania)
Danger: Chlorine (Pennsylvania)
New Britain P&G (Pennsylvania)
Bertrand Russell (Pennsylvania)
If You Want to Sleep, Try Counting These (Pennsylvania)

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