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Morgantown, Reading, Lancaster LXV

Saturday's trip was northwest to Morgantown and Reading since I'd solved some puzzle caches up that way and wanted to log the physical caches. One nice thing about heading out that way on Saturday was the libraries were open for at least part of the day and I was able to get two library geocaches. Both of them, "What the Dewey" and "Bear Tales The Sequel", were set up similarly, with a Dewey call number outside the library and a hollowed-out book placed on a shelf in the library, among the other books. Other noteworthy items seen on Saturday were the Bondsville Mill ruins and an eyeball. (really a nicely-painted Halloween pumpkin)

Sunday's trip was to Lancaster County. One major problem there was the Route 41 closure. This road closure forced such a long detour that I don't think it's a good idea to take any more trips that way until the bridge reconstruction is completed. Anyway, this trip focused on Southern Lancaster County, mostly around Strasburg, Willow Grove, Quarryville, and Fulton. Among the various sites I visited was Robert Fulton's birthplace. He was an 18th century inventor and engineer who developed a commercial steamboat. I am still wondering about the soap on a rope in the tree though. Several of those were in Lancaster County Central Park and may or may not have something to do with the memorial under that tree.

Saturday 2015-11-07:

Ride to Where? (Pennsylvania)
We Didn't Start The Fire (Pennsylvania)
1400 & a bite (Pennsylvania)
Not 4 Driving (Pennsylvania)
Barkley's Park (Pennsylvania)
And to Think That I Saw It on MULBERRY STREET (Pennsylvania)
Guarded by Bait (Pennsylvania)
What the Dewey (Pennsylvania)
Honeysuckles In Spring (Pennsylvania)
New Morgan Dream? (Pennsylvania)
KEY CODE CACHE (Pennsylvania)
V (Pennsylvania)
AUS DEUTSCHLAND (Pennsylvania)
Bear Tales The Sequel (Pennsylvania)
Aren't Chicken Sandwiches Grate?? (Pennsylvania)
The grass isn't ALWAYS greener (Name That Cache 5) (Pennsylvania)
Don't Dump On Me. (Name That Cache 7) (Pennsylvania)
Bear Scat (Pennsylvania)
Cool Skaters (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-11-08:

Columbus Day Hide (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis - Carpenter's Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
CRUSE 5000 (Pennsylvania)
Straight From the "Quarry." (Pennsylvania)
Robert Fulton Birthplace Revisited (Pennsylvania)
Little Old & Slow (Pennsylvania)
The arch (Pennsylvania)
The Curiously Easy Cache (Pennsylvania)
JERRY DID IT 5000 TIMES (Pennsylvania)
Fore your eyes only (Pennsylvania)
Deer Stomper (Pennsylvania)
Love Never Dies (Pennsylvania)
Above Flood Stage? (Pennsylvania)
Conestoga Trading Post (Pennsylvania)
Don't Disturb the Dead (Pennsylvania)
Pavement ends & water begins (Pennsylvania)
Not one of those again! (Pennsylvania)
In Orbit Above Fitness (Pennsylvania)
Indigo Sky (Pennsylvania)
Cornering The Market (Pennsylvania)
Don't Let This One Roll Away (Pennsylvania)
Another for the Streak (Pennsylvania)

Tags: berks county, geocaching, lancaster county

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