Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Return to South Jersey, Bensalem/Newtown

I hadn't been to South Jersey much since the State Parks geocaching policy debacle earlier this year because I was waiting to see what the impact would be and truth be told, I wasn't fond of the way it was handled. However, months later, I see nothing much has changed. Many caches remain out in WMAs and state parks, and some New Jersey geocachers have been placing new caches, although mostly not in state areas. So a trip to South Jersey was warranted. This time I went to Penns Grove, Logan Township, Greenwich, Williamstown, and Sicklerville. Best views of the day were at the inlet and floodgate in Greenwich.

Sunday's trip was to Bensalem to hit some new Taxman geocaches and then to Wrightstown for some older caches at the Middletown Grange that I could not seek previously because my last visit happened to fall during the weekend of the Middletown Grange Fair. I am not sure which other weekends they use the fairground but it was deserted this Sunday and parking was not a problem.

Saturday 2015-11-21:

Catatonically Convenient (New Jersey)
Perkintown Cemetary (New Jersey)
Calculus (New Jersey)
0h No A Nano - Pedricktown, NJ (New Jersey)
Pedricktown WWII Veterans Memorial (New Jersey)
A Shoulder To Cache/Cry On (New Jersey)
Union Cemetery (New Jersey)
Lion's Den (New Jersey)
Bridgeport Cemetery (New Jersey)
Riverfront Park (New Jersey)
Adopted by Moliveri (New Jersey)
Astro Rocket Swamp Adoption (New Jersey)
Wide Shoulder (New Jersey)
Hat Trick 6: Stewart Park (New Jersey)
Julia's Geocache (New Jersey)
Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut (New Jersey)
paityn's cache (New Jersey)
alyssa's cache (New Jersey)
kevins cache (New Jersey)
Angies cache (New Jersey)
Mom needs a break (New Jersey)
A bird in the hand (New Jersey)
Star Wars Planets : Dathomir (New Jersey)
To Infinity and Beyond! (New Jersey)
The walking dead (New Jersey)
Lightning Strikes (New Jersey)
AFGC-Espresso#2: Williamstown Winky (New Jersey)
Preposterously Monotonous (New Jersey)
Power Stoppage (New Jersey)
I passed !!!!!!! (New Jersey)
Farfalla Bisonte (New Jersey)
Strike Two (New Jersey)
Chef Yute (New Jersey)
AFGC-Espresso#4: Turnersville (New Jersey)

Sunday 2015-11-22:

Caches R Me (Pennsylvania)
A Hard Cache for You V (Pennsylvania)
Donut lovers (Pennsylvania)
Peacock's Deadly Boa (redux) (Pennsylvania)
A Cozy Bower (Pennsylvania)
Court Cancer Here II (Pennsylvania)
Where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil. (Pennsylvania)
All aboard the SOUL Cache (Pennsylvania)
Pain in the Back Too (Pennsylvania)
A Tribute to DEGoldy (Pennsylvania)
Lean Back (Pennsylvania)
A Tribute to Chrisbrit! (Pennsylvania)
A Tribute to BikeBill! (Pennsylvania)
Oh Wow! (Pennsylvania)
On the Path (Pennsylvania)
Spring Time (Pennsylvania)
It's All About The Grape (Pennsylvania)

Tags: bucks county, geocaching, gloucester county, salem county

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