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Thanksgiving Weekend (including Lancaster LXVI)

Mostly hung around my home region on this four-day weekend because unlike last year, I didn't see a reason to travel out. One thing this allowed me to do was snag a few choice deals on Black Friday, although for the sake of sanity, I did avoid the shopping areas late Thursday evening and Friday morning. It seems to be the one time of the year the mall parking lot is packed all the way to the edges!

Thursday's and Friday's trips were a return to South Jersey, around Greenwich, Woodbury, Mantua, Sicklerville, Erial, Haddonfield, and Berlin. The Riverfront Trail was very quiet Thanksgiving morning. There was a dragonfly geocache and an alligator geocache, and Haddonfield had some cute tile art.

Saturday's trip was to Lancaster. Route 41 was still closed for bridge repair but this time, the detour route had new geocaches. One interesting thing is of the day's cache list, 6 caches had titles in Ukrainian and 1 cache was Chinese. The area has gone mutlicultural! :) The only issue was my automotive GPS couldn't render those characters, but I could still search for those by GC code.

Sunday's trip was mostly close to home, around Chester County and parts of northwest Philadelphia. Best view of the day was from the top of a cliff down to a lake in East Whiteland, at "Acapulco, No Diving". I also wondered why the Willistown seal, which I saw at a park entrance, had a fox head, but an old news article has the answer.

Thursday 2015-11-26:

Riverfront Trail: N1 (New Jersey)
Riverfront Trail: N2 (New Jersey)
Riverfront Trail: N3 (New Jersey)
Riverfront Trail: N4 (New Jersey)
Astro's Walk 2 (New Jersey)
I'm Bored Two (New Jersey)
Regis' Playground Rehide (New Jersey)
Regis' Walkway (New Jersey)
Chase's Creepy Crawly Cache Series #6 (New Jersey)
GZ is Your Target! (New Jersey)
Star Wars Planets : Alderaan (New Jersey)
3 birds in a nest (New Jersey)
Let It Snow (New Jersey)
Avandale West (New Jersey)
My First (New Jersey)
a nano in sicklerville (New Jersey)
I'm Allergic to Alligators (New Jersey)
TMIOBY PH-41/43 (New Jersey)
I love cedar (New Jersey)
59 Shades of Swag (New Jersey)
shopping perks (New Jersey)
Wedding Party (New Jersey)
Hat Trick7: Plan B (New Jersey)

Friday 2015-11-27:

Star Wars Planets : Corellia (New Jersey)
Woodbury Creek Park (New Jersey)
What Not To Place In Your Cache 2: Cupcakes (New Jersey)
Follow The Yellow Brick Road (New Jersey)
Lost in Time & Space (New Jersey)
Citizen Appreciation Park (New Jersey)
Bar Crawl #8 (New Jersey)
Duck hunting (New Jersey)
Nuclear Summer (New Jersey)
What Are We Abbreviating? (New Jersey)
The Day After (New Jersey)
Red and Black (New Jersey)
We can fix everything but this (New Jersey)
I scream, You scream, We all scream... (New Jersey)
What type of hide do we have here? MPC #4 (New Jersey)
Big Hole Little Hole MPC#8 (New Jersey)
Mural Visit MPC #5 (New Jersey)
LAX KAT (New Jersey)
one cold day (New Jersey)
a nano in berlin (New Jersey)
Read 2 Live (New Jersey)
OHO: What's in my trunk? (New Jersey)
Cooper Cache (New Jersey)
Red Head - Hope Lives (New Jersey)
Call the doctor I think I'm having a heart attack! (New Jersey)
Ewww (New Jersey)
Ode to West Jersey Hospital (New Jersey)

Saturday 2015-11-28:

Eagle Eye at the Ball game (Delaware)
TSC Micro (Pennsylvania)
Cackleberry Farm Micro (Pennsylvania)
Stop and smell the manure (Pennsylvania)
Україна - сім (Pennsylvania)
Україна - вісім (Pennsylvania)
Україна - п'ять (Pennsylvania)
Україна - чотири (Pennsylvania)
Україна - шість (Pennsylvania)
五千四 (Pennsylvania)
PI Day Puzzle (Pennsylvania)
Україна - Три (Pennsylvania)
Gone But Not Forgotten (Pennsylvania)
Leatho & Tiria's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Consider The Trees (Pennsylvania)
Walk In The Park (Pennsylvania)
Rock Of Ages (Pennsylvania)
Kauffman's Peace (Pennsylvania)
Baron Stiegel C&D (Pennsylvania)
Roosting Reindeer (Pennsylvania)
T is for... (Pennsylvania)
Another LPC C&D (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-11-29:

Birthday Cache (Pennsylvania)
Thanksgiving Cache (Pennsylvania)
Halloween Hide (Pennsylvania)
SP #1 (Pennsylvania)
SP #2 (Pennsylvania)
SP #3 (Pennsylvania)
Naming the Bridges #8 - "Contract" (Pennsylvania)
Princess Cache Deluxe (Pennsylvania)
The Juicy Details (Pennsylvania)
Acapulco, No Diving (Pennsylvania)
Paoli Green (Pennsylvania)
Legend of the Bumblerrito (Pennsylvania)
Obligatory 2- Electric Boogaloo (Pennsylvania)
Way to Sparkle (Pennsylvania)
Self Loathing (Pennsylvania)
Germantown Roll of Honor (Pennsylvania)
Baker's Square (Pennsylvania)
1909 Cache (Pennsylvania)
Manny, Moe & Jack (Pennsylvania)

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