Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Baltimore area, South Jersey

Geocaching trips get shorter and shorter this time of the year because of lack of daylight. On the plus side, there's more time for dinner. Saturday's trip took me down from Newark to Aberdeen, Edgewood, White Marsh, Hunt Valley and Towson. The best view of the day was from the top of the hill at the Agriculture Center and Farm Park, but the sun was already setting so there was only time after that for a few urban caches near Towson University.

Sunday's trip was into South Jersey, through Glassboro, Stratford, Berlin and Marlton, mostly picking up some caches that I'd passed by previously. Schadler's Pond was nice.

Saturday 2015-12-05:

A Cache for My Good Friend, IMSpider (and you) (Delaware)
Another One for the Trail, Mike Ott! (Delaware)
Twin Trees (Maryland)
Skating the Ramps (Maryland)
The Root of Your Problems! (Maryland)
Midpoint II (Maryland)
BYOP! (Maryland)
It's still Gorge'ous (Maryland)
Does Mars have aliens? (Maryland)
Spruced Up In Valley Fields South (Maryland)
Don't Look Now . . . (Maryland)
Barnyard Wall (Maryland)
Jimmy crack corn and I don't care (Maryland)
Don't rain on my parade (Maryland)
Mini Mo (Maryland)
Near a Med Center (Maryland)
Senioritis 1 (Maryland)
My Last Grad Cache (Maryland)

Sunday 2015-12-06:

Schadler's Pond (New Jersey)
Shortstop (New Jersey)
Truly, Plaidly, Deeply (New Jersey)
Stone Bridge Branch Cache (New Jersey)
"Bigger" was broken (New Jersey)
Corner Of Stratford (New Jersey)
Small Park in Ashland #1 (New Jersey)
Small Park in Ashland #2 (New Jersey)
There Was A Park There All Along (New Jersey)
Wonderland! (New Jersey)
Shoppers Paradise (New Jersey)
Terror of MechaGodzilla!!! (New Jersey)
Floyd's Challenge (New Jersey)
Abe's Cache (New Jersey)

Tags: baltimore county, geocaching, harford county, south jersey

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