Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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All South Jersey weekend

Hit South Jersey twice this weekend, although in a different direction each day. Saturday's trip was to Elmer, Buena, Vineland, and Millville. This area was actually pretty scenic, with lakes, ponds, rivers, and unexpected things.

Sunday's trip was to the northeast, towards Florence for the "Fall Get Together 2015" geocaching event at the pizzeria downtown. Got a number of geocaches in Pennsauken, Delran, Willingboro, and Columbus, along the way. The best part of the day was a walk around Amico Island for the 4 out of 6 geocaches that were findable. It's actually a peninsula now because a strip of land connects it to the mainland, so I didn't need a boat to get there. A wide trail loops around the park.

Saturday 2015-12-12:

Kyle Strong #7 (New Jersey)
Hat Trick 8: Bring a pole and a license (New Jersey)
SSSSSSSSSpooky (New Jersey)
G Series#3: I Own Another Cache (New Jersey)
G Series#1: Going Green (New Jersey)
MLB SERIES: Rays (New Jersey)
Am I hearing things? (New Jersey)
MLB SERIES: Tigers (New Jersey)
MLB SERIES: Orioles (New Jersey)
NFL SERIES: Panthers (New Jersey)
Lincolns Box (New Jersey)
Share the Road (New Jersey)
Expect the Unexpected (New Jersey)
Recent History (New Jersey)
MLB SERIES: Indians (New Jersey)
MLB SERIES: Pirates (New Jersey)
MLB SERIES: Blue Jays (New Jersey)
Wheaton Will (New Jersey)
Holy Cross Cemetery (New Jersey)
NFL SERIES: Vikings (New Jersey)
AFGC-Espresso#3: Millville (New Jersey)
AFGC-Espresso#7: Possessed (New Jersey)

Sunday 2015-12-13:

Pennsauken Remembers (New Jersey)
G-Pirate's 100th FTF! (New Jersey)
The red berry bush (New Jersey)
Tenby Chaser (New Jersey)
Il mio amico (New Jersey)
Dredge Harbor View (New Jersey)
Key to the Treasure (New Jersey)
Prefab Staircase - Good Price (New Jersey)
I Threw It On The Ground (New Jersey)
A Cache for Bert Goolsby or The Bushwacking Blues (New Jersey)
Snow Cone (New Jersey)
Walk in the Park (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #10: Garfield Park Sample Homes (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #67: 1964-65 New York World's Fai (New Jersey)
GSC Cache to Eagle #05 (New Jersey)
A quick P & G (New Jersey)
Quick P & G (New Jersey)
Kudos to Cachers! (New Jersey)
Here Again? (New Jersey)
Pow wow (New Jersey)
New Year's 2010 (New Jersey)
Fall Get Together 2015 (New Jersey)

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