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Delaware Christmas Caches, South Jersey (Mansfield, Cookstown)

Saturday's trip was to Central and Southern Delaware for two sets of Christmas-themed geocaches. On the way, there was a geocache site next to Frightland, where I saw the skull silo and downed jet. I haven't been to this haunted house attraction before but the downed jet was always an odd thing to see from the highway. The first set of Christmas caches was in Smyrna. There were 10 caches, one for each reindeer and one for Santa Claus himself. All were pretty straightforward. Then there was another set of caches down by Ellendale, including "Fa-la-la-la-la", "Christmas goose", and "Holly Jolly Christmas".

The only real problem of the day was an encounter with two crazy rednecks, a few miles outside of Bridgeville, who apparently didn't like people parking by the side of the road to look for the cache. I'm guessing that was the reason since I wasn't on private property and they didn't actually say what was wrong. My experience with such encounters told me to not escalate the situation and they'll go away after a few minutes, which is pretty much what happened. Aside from that problem though, the day went pretty well. Dinner that night was at the shiny, new Panda Express in Dover. I wasn't even planning to go there but I happened to see it while driving up US-13 and remembered that I had an online coupon. What's funny is I only just got a cookie fortune the previous night that said, "you will meet a panda". Who knew it was prophetic and actually referring to Panda Express? :)

Sunday's trip was to the Florence / Mansfield area in South Jersey to continue where I stopped the previous weekend. "The New Rules Almost Killed Us" series of caches was pretty humorous. Each one was at a cemetery and anyone who dealt with the new NJ State Parks policy would understand the reference. Most of the afternoon was spent around the Mansfield, Cookstown, and New Egypt area. I hadn't been to that pocket of New Jersey in years, so there were quite a lot of caches I hadn't found yet and it'll be worth another trip or two.

Saturday 2015-12-19:

Skull Silo Halloween Cache (Delaware)
"OYR" Wanna Be, Middletown (Delaware)
Vixen (Delaware)
Dasher (Delaware)
Donner (Delaware)
Cupid (Delaware)
Dancer (Delaware)
Santa Claus (Delaware)
Rudolph (Delaware)
Prancer (Delaware)
Blitzen (Delaware)
Comet (Delaware)
Unicorn Crew (Delaware)
Fa-la-la-la-la… (Delaware)
Ponder this... (Delaware)
Holly Jolly Christmas (Delaware)
EAST 16 (Delaware)
Are You Over the Hill? (Delaware)
Lighthouse on the Beach (Delaware)
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (Delaware)
Clear Brook (Delaware)
RERUN (Delaware)
Baker Mill Branch (Delaware)
Children of the Corn (Delaware)
P365-008 Back to School (Delaware)
There Was a Crooked Man (Delaware)

Sunday 2015-12-20:

Shortcut Through Bridgeport (New Jersey)
High Hill Woods (New Jersey)
Delran Community Park (New Jersey)
Laurel Run Park (New Jersey)
GSC Cache to Eagle #01 (New Jersey)
Cedar Hill (New Jersey)
Gravely Speaking: The New Rules Almost Killed Us! (New Jersey)
Of Gravest Concern: The New Rules Almost Killed Us (New Jersey)
Mt. Pleasant (New Jersey)
Mr. Prickly (New Jersey)
Cold Hard Cache (New Jersey)
A Grave Situation: The New Rules Almost Killed Us! (New Jersey)
Penguin lovers (New Jersey)
A Century of Girls (New Jersey)
Fore!!! Part 2 (New Jersey)
Rockin beyond the sign (New Jersey)
Periodic Table Series: #68 Erbium (New Jersey)
Tilghmans Corner Way Way (New Jersey)
Yard Bird flew the Coop (New Jersey)
Humpty Dumpty sat on a ..... (New Jersey)
2aBPSSLCPOoaSSB (New Jersey)
Old Life at New Life (New Jersey)
Wedged back to the 50s (New Jersey)
The Children They Mark, The Children They Know... (New Jersey)
Elizabeth Lee (New Jersey)
The Advertiser/Brynmore Dairy Farm (New Jersey)
New Egypt Historical Society (New Jersey)
To Be Determined (New Jersey)
Coffee #20 (New Jersey)

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