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Christmas Weekend

The weather was really strange over the 4-day weekend. It was 60 to 70°F and rainy. Thursday had the most rain, so I decided not to get too far from home. Fortunately, there are always nearby geocaches I'd saved for... a rainy day. After finishing the caches around Newark and Pike Creek, the next stops were in Kennett Square and Downingtown.

Christmas Day was a good time to continue exploring up the southwest side of New Jersey, through Cherry Hill, Burlington, Bordentown, and Chesterfield. There were a number of caches in the "Stay and Play Awhile" series that I had no idea why I skipped on previous trips up this way that turned out to be easy. It's likely that I simply didn't think those were doable during the Summer because caches in that series are all near playgrounds. The most interesting find of the day was an old car in the woods in the Ramblewood area. It's in an estate that was turned into public land. For some reason, they removed the house but not the car.

Saturday's trip was more of the same area, in Mount Holly, Chesterfield, and up to East Windsor. Finished off the remainder of the "Stay and Play Awhile" series in Mt. Holly. Also got the "Frogger" series, plus the bonus cache "Squish!"

Sunday's trip was to Upper Merion, Lower/Upper Gwynedd, and Hatfield to get some of the newest caches up that way. The most interesting part of the day though was a stop at the Nor-view Farm in Upper Merion for the Big Chicken. Although a public park, the place is run as a farm with horses, goats, and ponies.

Thursday 2015-12-24:

What the *ell! (Delaware)
All the Leaves are Brown (Delaware)
Strength or Stealth Training (Delaware)
Christmas Cache (Pennsylvania)
Hanukkah Cache (Pennsylvania)
Poker 2015 - All In (Pennsylvania)
Poker 2015 - The Flop (Pennsylvania)
Stuck in a log (Pennsylvania)
Chorus of Frogs (Pennsylvania)
Dowlin Forge Park Hollow Cache (Pennsylvania)
Naming The Bridges #3 - "Beau" (Pennsylvania)
1800 Ticonderoga (Pennsylvania)
Brass In Pocket #3 - Not a Fountain (Pennsylvania)
Stairway to Heaven (Pennsylvania)
The Evergreen Micro (Pennsylvania)

Friday 2015-12-25:

Middle of No Where (New Jersey)
Dude, where's my..... house? (New Jersey)
Too Little, Too Late (New Jersey)
Back from the Woods (New Jersey)
7th Day of Caching, My True love bought for me.... (New Jersey)
Between the Buried and Me (New Jersey)
Sprinkle (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile #21 (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile #24 (New Jersey)
Fishcake49 Hits 366! (New Jersey)
Softcore 366 (New Jersey)
A Home for All (New Jersey)
Floccinaucinihilipilification (New Jersey)
Hot Fudge Sundays (New Jersey)
Periodic Table Series: #14 Silicon (New Jersey)
Bird Home (New Jersey)
Clean Up! (New Jersey)
Happy 70th Mom Letterbox (New Jersey)
Periodic Table Series: (#35 Bromine)(#5 Boron) (New Jersey)
Let's Go Out Back (New Jersey)

Saturday 2015-12-26:

Stay and Play Awhile #26 (New Jersey)
Where the Sidewalk Ends (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile #12 (New Jersey)
1,000 Favorite Points Challenge! (New Jersey)
Not What You Might Think (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile #18 (New Jersey)
Stay and Play Awhile #8 (New Jersey)
21-Gun Salute!! (New Jersey)
Paparazzi Letterbox (New Jersey)
Christmas 2014 (New Jersey)
Tubular Cache (New Jersey)
Don't be Reckless (New Jersey)
Lumber Yard (New Jersey)
Historic Crosswicks (New Jersey)
Happy "M's" Birthday Cache (New Jersey)
Chester's Field (New Jersey)
well aged (New Jersey)
STOP on Rt 130 (New Jersey)
Mini Monuments #1 (New Jersey)
FAT FROGGER (New Jersey)
SQUISH ! (New Jersey)
Parent's Taxi Service #3 (New Jersey)

Sunday 2015-12-27:

What Three Words (Pennsylvania)
Nativity BVM Calvary Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
5th Oldest Bridge in America (Pennsylvania)
Helen and Ester visit Holland (Pennsylvania)
The Big Chicken (Pennsylvania)
Warning These Trees Are Chemically Treated (Pennsylvania)
Wentz Run Trail (Pennsylvania)
Not a TAXMAN 1 cache (Pennsylvania)
Not Done Doing This, Either (Pennsylvania)
Cedar Hill Trail Cache (Pennsylvania)
Hornbaker's 100th Hide (Pennsylvania)
High, but low (Pennsylvania)
Another Cache for Greenducks to Walk to (Pennsylvania)
MEG726's Etiquette (Pennsylvania)
Go Ice Skating! (Pennsylvania)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Pennsylvania)
Crab Pull Bees, Crab Pull Bees, Crab Pull Bees... (Pennsylvania)

Tags: chester county, geocaching, montgomery county, south jersey

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