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New Year's Weekend - Lehigh Valley, Delco, Mt Holly, UTT

Hot on the heels of Christmas weekend came another 4-day weekend for the new year. Thursday's trip was to Lehigh Valley to attend the New Year Eve geocaching event, "Bye, Bye 2015", at Wegmans in Bethlehem. This event was in the evening though, so there was plenty of time to get the "12 Days of XMas" cache series in Allentown and Bethlehem. Most of those caches were easy except for the one in the bus stop. For that one, I had to wait a few minutes for the bus to arrive and pick up the person who was sitting directly on top of the cache!

Didn't plan on going very far on New Year's Day, so I just got some geocaches locally and in Delaware County. (Springfield, Upper Darby, Narberth, and Bala Cynwyd) The most interesting cache of the day was "Listening for Nora's Ghost", a Garmin Chirp cache. Until that day, I'd never used the Chirp receiver in my Garmin 62s because chirp caches are so rare. Chirp is a wireless beacon placed out in the field. For this cache, the description had directions on where to go, starting from the given coordinates, to find the beacon. When I got close enough to the beacon, my handheld GPS picked up the info and then it was just a bit farther to the physical cache.

Saturday's trip was to Mt Holly. Most of the new geocaches in that area were pretty straightforward, except for the multi and mystery caches in Historic Smithville, but it was just an additional step for each. Mill Dam Park was a nice stop at the beginning of the day.

Sunday was the big day for the weekend. I'd planned to walk an 8-mile round trip on the Union Transportation Trail to get 33 geocaches. Fortunately, despite the time of year, it wasn't as cold as I thought so the walk was quite doable. Midway through the walk, I ran into SanMar, geocachers from South Jersey. So we joined forces and finished the remaining caches. Remarkably, there was still daylight after we were done, so I got a bunch more geocaches around Cream Ridge and New Egypt before heading off to dinner.

Thursday 2015-12-31:

Tuesday Morning (Pennsylvania)
ROO's Top 10 Finders in 2014 (Pennsylvania)
Shootin' Hoops (Pennsylvania)
Memorial Park (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of XMas : Day 1 (Pennsylvania)
Horrendous Experientia (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of XMas - Day 2 (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of Xmas - Day 3 (Pennsylvania)
Lot of Fountain (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of XMas - Day 4 (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of XMas - Day 6 (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of XMas - Day 7 (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of XMas - Day 8 (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of XMas - Day 9 (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of XMas - Day 10 (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of XMas -Day 11 (Pennsylvania)
Christmas City, PA (the squeal) (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of XMas - Day 5 (Pennsylvania)
GONE FISHING (Pennsylvania)
St. Mary's Micro (Pennsylvania)
For Those Who Served - Catasauqua (Pennsylvania)
PLUG IT IN (Pennsylvania)
a lonely pole (Pennsylvania)
HO HO HO----It's Christmas (Pennsylvania)
Bye, Bye 2015 (Pennsylvania)
Home Town Hero's of Fogelsville (Pennsylvania)
New to me marketplace (Pennsylvania)

Friday 2016-01-01:

Here's Your Sign... (Delaware)
Contain This! (Delaware)
Where the Pets Go (Delaware)
Down by the Riverside (Pennsylvania)
Pilgrim Gardens I (Pennsylvania)
Heroes&Villians-2 [Captain Atom] (Pennsylvania)
MSC Cache (Pennsylvania)
On the Boulevard (Pennsylvania)
Jurassic Park 3 (Pennsylvania)
Down by the River Side (Pennsylvania)
Play Ball! (Pennsylvania)
CHT #3 (Pennsylvania)
Listening for Nora's Ghost (Pennsylvania)
The Manayunk Canal (Pennsylvania)
The Monkey and the Alligator (Pennsylvania)
Bring a carrot (Pennsylvania)
Acqua cheta rovina i ponti. (Pennsylvania)
The Chew's in Cliveden (Pennsylvania)
Rest for the Weary (Pennsylvania)

Saturday 2016-01-02:

Bethel Boo (Delaware)
NEEDS (Delaware)
A Shopping Cache (Delaware)
Hurt Me, Holly! (New Jersey)
Mill race mini (New Jersey)
4 Kids #01: Hold on Tight! (New Jersey)
Little Old White Lady Fell Off Her Skateboard (New Jersey)
GSC Cache to Eagle #07 (New Jersey)
If you're in the area, grab this cache! (New Jersey)
A Dam Good View Redux (New Jersey)
Historic Smithville Park Multi (New Jersey)
GSC Cache to Eagle #03 (New Jersey)
What's the Buzz? (New Jersey)
Skippy NJRR Logging Route (New Jersey)
Andys Gang #2 (New Jersey)
Gated Community??? (New Jersey)
Behind the pool house (New Jersey)
Mismatched (New Jersey)
All Roads Lead to Jacksonville (New Jersey)
Mud Slinger (New Jersey)
One Is The Loneliest Number :( (New Jersey)
Two is a Couple :D (New Jersey)
Three is a crowd. o_0 (New Jersey)
Pemberton Pitstop (New Jersey)
Cure to a lonely night (New Jersey)

Sunday 2016-01-03:

Bird Blenders (New Jersey)
Knot in the Pipe (New Jersey)
UTT 001: USA (New Jersey)
UTT 002: Hawaii (New Jersey)
UTT 003: Alaska (New Jersey)
UTT 004: Arizona (New Jersey)
UTT 005: New Mexico (New Jersey)
UTT 006: Oklahoma (New Jersey)
UTT 007: Utah (New Jersey)
UTT 008: Wyoming (New Jersey)
UTT 009: Idaho (New Jersey)
UTT 010: Washington (New Jersey)
UTT 011: Montana (New Jersey)
UTT 012: South Dakota (New Jersey)
UTT 013: North Dakota (New Jersey)
UTT 014: Colorado (New Jersey)
UTT 015: Nebraska (New Jersey)
UTT 016: Nevada (New Jersey)
UTT 017: West Virginia (New Jersey)
UTT 018: Kansas (New Jersey)
UTT 019: Oregon (New Jersey)
UTT 020: Minnesota (New Jersey)
UTT 021: California (New Jersey)
UTT 022: Wisconsin (New Jersey)
UTT 023: Iowa (New Jersey)
UTT 024: Texas (New Jersey)
UTT 025: Florida (New Jersey)
A Tight Squeeze (New Jersey)
UTT 026 - Michigan (New Jersey)
UTT 027: Arkansas (New Jersey)
UTT 028: Missouri (New Jersey)
UTT 029: Maine (New Jersey)
UTT 030: Alabama (New Jersey)
Union Transportation Trail #29 1/2 (New Jersey)
UTT 031: Illinois (New Jersey)
New Egypt Warriors 2 (New Jersey)
new egypt warriors (New Jersey)
Old Zion M.E. Church (New Jersey)
Epraim P. Empson Park (New Jersey)
Zoar Cemetery (New Jersey)
Welcome to New Egypt (New Jersey)
Coffee #15 (New Jersey)
COTD on 206 (New Jersey)

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