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Martin Luther King Day weekend

Saturday morning, I went to the "Sofiecat Memorial Hike" geocaching event at Connie Batdorf Park in Pottstown. It's an event for a geocacher who passed away recently and also a group hike on the nearby Horseshoe Trail. Our group had a few vans and large vehicles, so we decided to shuttle everyone to the trailhead at the far end. Then those vehicles were parked at the other end of the trail so the rest of the group would only have to hike one way. It was only about a 3-mile hike but the Horseshoe Trail was hilly with lots of ups and downs, so it's still a workout. With a large group searching though, none of the 17 geocaches along the trail took very long to find. After the event and hike, I continued onwards to Morgantown and Reading for more geocaches, with an eye to finishing off any puzzle caches I had already solved. There were some neat caches, such as the reindeer, the teeth and a Marsha figurine.

Sunday's trip was to Maryland to get the latest collection of geocaches in the Hunt Valley area. It snowed in the afternoon but not enough to cover anything. I also took the opportunity to take a loop hike around Meadowood Park for the 4 caches there. I'd visited that park earlier in the year but it was too hot in the Summer. Wintertime, on the other hand, was just right, especially since the plant growth had died back enough to make those caches easily visible.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day, a Federal holiday. I had the day off but it was a cold day, so I decided not to travel out too far. Still, there was plenty to do around Pike Creek, Hockessin, Kennett Square, West Goshen, Frazer, and King of Prussia. There was a frog geocache. ("My name is not Kermit!") Also took a hike into McKaig Nature Center and saw an old furnace. And at the end of the day, I saw the 9/11 memorial near the King of Prussia Mall.

Saturday 2016-01-16:

Sofiecat Memorial Hike (Pennsylvania)
Horseshoe Trail: Tulip Tree (Pennsylvania)
Horseshoe Trail: Oak Tree (Pennsylvania)
From Valley Forge to the Appalachian Trail (Pennsylvania)
2 Part Harmony (Pennsylvania)
Horseshoe Trail: Shag Bark Hickory (Pennsylvania)
Horseshoe Trail: Cherry Tree (Pennsylvania)
Horseshoe Trail: Beech Tree (Pennsylvania)
HST: Fallen Tree (Pennsylvania)
HST:Maple Tree (Pennsylvania)
Gone Fishing (Pennsylvania)
HST:Another Oak Tree (Pennsylvania)
HST:Dragon's Lair (Pennsylvania)
Living in Harmony (Pennsylvania)
HST: Woodpecker's Tree (Pennsylvania)
A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned (Pennsylvania)
HST:Siamese Twins (Pennsylvania)
HST:Birch Tree (Pennsylvania)
Fishing and Caching (Pennsylvania)
John Burdy (Pennsylvania)
East meets West (Pennsylvania)
MGR (Pennsylvania)
Find MARSH-A (Pennsylvania)
SOMETHING'S FISHY (Pennsylvania)
Shiloh Pipeline II (Pennsylvania)
Store my log (Pennsylvania)
L. I. W. - XXIII (Pennsylvania)
Lunch, Dinner,Supper (Pennsylvania)
HOOPS! (Pennsylvania)
Shave and a Haircut...2 Bits o/~ (Pennsylvania)
'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Pennsylvania)
Bleeker Fortune Seeker (Pennsylvania)
Temperature Check (Pennsylvania)
That's LOGical (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-01-17:

Welcome to West Creek Village (Maryland)
"Bunker" Hill (Maryland)
Speed Trap ~ DSG 14 (Maryland)
Pool Party (Maryland)
Cramped Quarters (Maryland)
Where There's Smoke, There's Fire (Maryland)
Happy Feet (Maryland)
Bank is Gone, BuhBye (Maryland)
A Totally Random Location (Maryland)
My Bark Does Not Bite (Maryland)
Utilitarian by Nature (Maryland)
I'm Not a Charity (Maryland)
Not On Bankers Hours (Maryland)
The Kilted Geocacher (Maryland)
Was the Middle of Nowhere (Maryland)
RAK #19 (Maryland)
Traveling Riverside Scene (Maryland)
Merry Christmas From a Green Quaker (Maryland)
Scott's Quarry 1 (Maryland)
Scott's Quarry 2 (Maryland)
Meadowood Unenlightened (Maryland)
Josh's Parking Lot (Maryland)
Molly's Meadow (Maryland)
Munchkins Motoring (Maryland)
Royal Harm (Maryland)

Monday 2016-01-18:

You Can Pigeon Run, But You Can't Hide (Delaware)
Grave Matters (Delaware)
My name is not Kermit! (Delaware)
Who are you calling phat? (Delaware)
Kwanzaa Cache (Pennsylvania)
New Year's Day Cache (Pennsylvania)
Roar (Pennsylvania)
S.T.R.A.N.G.E. 2016-4 (Pennsylvania)
S.T.R.A.N.G.E. 2016-1 (Pennsylvania)
S.T.R.A.N.G.E. 2016-2 (Pennsylvania)
S.T.R.A.N.G.E. 2016-3 (Pennsylvania)
Propane 4.0 (Pennsylvania)
Coral Reef (Pennsylvania)
Bonesy's Head (Pennsylvania)
Cannon Tree (Pennsylvania)
McKaig 2 (Pennsylvania)
Guard your signs! (Pennsylvania)

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