Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Snow weekend

The snow started falling Friday evening. It wasn't too long before it became thicker and roads were closed because of blizzard-like conditions. The snow and wind continued on Saturday, so it was a day at home. Made use of the time by getting a bit of (really early) spring cleaning done and got started on my tax return. (although I didn't have all the forms yet)

Sunday morning's work was shoveling snow off of the driveway and sidewalk and brushing it off the car, so I could get out. It was actually less than a foot of snow but the wind had blown the snow around into snowdrifts that were quite a bit higher. Had a late start but I picked a bunch of geocaches in Paulsboro, Mount Laurel, and Jamesburg that didn't require too much digging in the snow to find. Funny thing is I also had to do some shovelwork to get a Munzee. There, a snow plow had left an enormous pile of snow around the lamp post and the QR code sticker was at the base of that lamp post, deep in the snow pile.

Tags: blizzard, central jersey, geocaching, munzee
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