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Howell, Ocean City

It'd only been one week since the winter storm and piles of snow were still everywhere. However, I noticed that there was a geocache series, Tour De Howell (TDH), in the town of Howell in Monmouth County. I figured those were all urban cache hides in or near the many shopping centers along US-9. Indeed, most of those caches were findable. I only used the shovel once and skipped a few caches that were probably too deep in snow piles. (When there's limited time, one has to limit one's snow-digging to only the most likely candidates.)

Sunday's trip was to Ocean City, MD, although I got some caches in Milford and Millsboro, along the way. There wasn't any snow on the ground that far south, so it was possible to take a stab at even the most difficult caches. Indeed, I found every cache in Ocean City and also completed the "OC - Vacation Challenge" challenge cache, which really only needed 20 or so caches to qualify. Anyway, among other interesting things by the beach, there was a nice walk on a long pier and part of a VW bus.

Saturday 2016-01-30:

TDH #24 - Chevelle (New Jersey)
TDH #25 - La Fayette (New Jersey)
Our First Geocache! (New Jersey)
TDH #1- Firebird (New Jersey)
TDH #2 - Gremlin (New Jersey)
TDH #3 - Nova (New Jersey)
TDH #4 - Duesenberg (New Jersey)
TDH #5 - De Soto (New Jersey)
TDH #6 - Intrepid (New Jersey)
TDH #7- La Salle (New Jersey)
TDH #8 - Packard (New Jersey)
TDH #11 - Grand Am (New Jersey)
TDH #12 -Imperial (New Jersey)
TDH #13 - Monte Carlo (New Jersey)
TDH #15 - Barracuda (New Jersey)
TDH #16 - REO (New Jersey)
TDH #18 - Cobra (New Jersey)
TDH #19 - Skylark (New Jersey)
TDH #20 - Babcock (New Jersey)
TDH #21 - El Rancho (New Jersey)
TDH #22 - Comet (New Jersey)
TDH #23 - Checker (New Jersey)
Connect the Spots (New Jersey)
LPC - Lamppost History and Trivia (New Jersey)
The Big Red Plug (New Jersey)
It's All Relative (New Jersey)
Green or Orange (New Jersey)
Entrance only (New Jersey)
Park and Grab at the Park n Ride #1 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #91 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #92 (New Jersey)
Can't buy walls here... (New Jersey)

Sunday 2016-01-31:

Bethany UAME Cemetery (Delaware)
African Union First Methodist Cemetery (Delaware)
OC - Vacation Challenge (Maryland)
"X" marks the spot (Delaware)
Project 365-015 Heavy Metal Cache (Delaware)
Project 365- 012 Crowned Fast Food (Delaware)
Project 365-009 Mexican Cache (BBE) (Delaware)
tabbikat's 10,000th Cache (Maryland)
Abby's Birthday Cache (Maryland)
Ooooops (Delaware)
It's an itsy bitsy ???? (Delaware)
Bay Breeze (Maryland)
Ides of Marsh (Maryland)
SummerLove (Maryland)
Tranquil Heron (Maryland)
Caught Dr. Perky with Mountain Lion (Maryland)
74 Grains of Sand (Maryland)
A Message in a bottle (Maryland)
By the light of the bay (Maryland)
Robin's Play (Maryland)
Cruisin the Boardwalk (Maryland)
Use The Force (Maryland)
Sunset Park (Maryland)
Purple Paradise (Maryland)
MS5 - OC (Maryland)

Tags: geocaching, monmouth county, worcester county

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