Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Winslow, Hammonton, and local area

Saturday's trip was to Winslow and Hammonton, reasoning that any area around my latitude would be snow-free. That was correct, more or less, but thankfully caches in areas that still happened to have snow on the ground weren't affected by snow.

Stayed close to home on Sunday to finish off geocaches that the locals have placed recently. There were some creative ones, such as the claw machine. (It wasn't tricky though. The cache container fell out when I tilted the claw machine.) Also, the Star Trek puzzle cache series was entertaining and featured such characters as Worf and Geordi LaForge.

Saturday 2016-02-06:

The Spiral Cemetery of DSH (Delaware)
Another One for Homer (New Jersey)
have you scene the key (New Jersey)
Ma's Old Fashion (New Jersey)
Thank You (New Jersey)
OUCH!!!!!!!! (New Jersey)
Tis The Season (New Jersey)
New Year, New Cache (New Jersey)
Winding Path (New Jersey)
Missing my Lovebug... (New Jersey)
August Rush 24 (New Jersey)
Yawn...yawn...yawn (New Jersey)
Boo!! (New Jersey)
Signs Signs everywhere there are signs (New Jersey)
Frankenstein Chillin at the cemetery (New Jersey)
Swing Batter (New Jersey)
Help I've fallen (New Jersey)
Sequoia (New Jersey)
Oh-No. Not another guard rail cache. 1 (New Jersey)
Low-Flyer II (New Jersey)
High-Flyer (New Jersey)
Oh-No not another guard rail cache! 2 (New Jersey)
Bow Down To BowHunter1169 (New Jersey)

Sunday 2016-02-07:

ELP #6 (Delaware)
Ray Street Cemetery (Delaware)
Toy Story: The Claw (Delaware)
Mill Race Trail #1 (Delaware)
Mill Race Trail #2 (Delaware)
Mill Race Trail #3 (Delaware)
Cache and Release Curtis Papermill Park (Delaware)
Eagle Eye at Super Bowl (Delaware)
Book of Secrets (Delaware)
ELP # 7 (Delaware)
Nevermore (Delaware)
Simpsons Cemetery (Delaware)
Star Trek Clue #4 Bones Feb 4th (Pennsylvania)
Star Trek Clue #6 Jadzia Feb 6th (Pennsylvania)
Star Trek Clue #1 Worf Feb 1st (Pennsylvania)
Star Trek Clue #5 Data Feb 5th (Pennsylvania)
Mardi Gras Cache (Pennsylvania)
MLK cache (Pennsylvania)
Star Trek Clue #7 LaForge Feb 7th (Pennsylvania)

Tags: atlantic county, chester county, geocaching, new castle county, south jersey

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