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Cape May

There had been a bit of snowfall during the week, but I figured anywhere below my latitude, especially near the beach, would be snow-free. So Cape May was a good choice for a little geocaching trip. Saturday's trip was mostly about getting some geocaches in Franklin, Buena, Estell Manor, Corbin City, and Petersburg, since I hadn't been to that area in a very long time. The one thing I thought was funny there was the reflector face at "First Smiley".

Finally hit the beaches on Sunday in Cape May, Avalon, and Sea Isle City. "Welcome to Cape May!" was a field puzzle cache, even though it was classified as a traditional cache. This one had a combination lock and required an Etch-A-Sketch to get the four-digit combination from the given instructions. Unfortunately, the Etch-A-Sketch that was supposed to be at the cache site was missing. While searching the web for a way to do this online, I got the idea of looking for a phone app instead. EtchPad did the trick! "Compass Rose" was another Cape May field puzzle. It required looking for tags in 7 compass directions to get the final coordinates. This actually seemed rather onerous to do in 18°F weather. I only found 6 of the tags but luckily, that was enough info to use an aerial photo to make an educated guess about the final location.

Saturday 2016-02-13:

Further Off The Trail (New Jersey)
Elephant Swamp Detour (New Jersey)
Another Corner of the Franklin Twp. Sports Complex (New Jersey)
Bar Mitzvah Bits (New Jersey)
five:fifty6 (New Jersey)
2:thirty2 (New Jersey)
End of the line (New Jersey)
X Does Not mark the SPOT (New Jersey)
Ode to Layne (New Jersey)
Estell Manor Pride (New Jersey)
School's Out 01 - Risley (New Jersey)
The Bog (New Jersey)
Witchy, Witchy (New Jersey)
Cache for Him! (New Jersey)
Abigail - A Salem Witch (New Jersey)
Scary Creatures in the Night (New Jersey)
Ghosts and More Ghosts (New Jersey)
Tree Artwork (New Jersey)
CC - 4 - Canine Caches (New Jersey)
CC - 3 - Canine Caches (New Jersey)
First Smiley (New Jersey)
Blue Box with a Swamp View (New Jersey)
CC - 2 - Canine Caches (New Jersey)
NR-02 Humpty Dumpty (New Jersey)
NR-01 Frog Went A Courtin' (New Jersey)
CC - 5 - Canine Caches (New Jersey)
CC - 1 - Canine Caches (New Jersey)
Franks Emergency Swimming Hole (New Jersey)
CMCHST - Gandy Farmhouse (New Jersey)
Old School House Museum (New Jersey)

Sunday 2016-02-14:

CMCST - Jake's Landing (New Jersey)
Lizard (New Jersey)
Let's give this another try (New Jersey)
CMCST - Animal Shelter (New Jersey)
Cape May Court House Library Geocache (New Jersey)
Erma Fire (New Jersey)
Welcome to Cox Hall Creek WMA (New Jersey)
C is for Cape May (New Jersey)
Welcome to Cape May! (New Jersey)
Lost At Sea (New Jersey)
Compass Rose (New Jersey)
Beach Wedding (New Jersey)
Holly Beach (New Jersey)
In memory of Aunt El (New Jersey)
Crabby Andy by the Bay (New Jersey)
Promenade South (New Jersey)
"TOMMY'S MEMORY" (New Jersey)
Promenade North (New Jersey)
CMCST - Fish Alley (New Jersey)

Tags: cape may county, geocaching, south jersey

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