Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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North Wales / Hatfield, Pottstown

Thanks to rain and higher temperatures last week, most of the snow is gone. So this weekend's trip was back into Pennsylvania to sample some of the winter-friendly caches that the locals had placed. Saturday's trip was to Bridgeport, the Gwynedds, North Wales, and Hatfield. The most surprising geocache of the day was an owl and there were some good views near the boathouse and fish ladder in Bridgeport.

Sunday's trip was to Pottstown, Limerick, Royersford, and Boyertown, where there were actually a lot more winter cache placements. Cute caches of the day included the hamster and the puffer fish, and "Why Not? - (a view of 2 towers)" had a good view of the Limerick Generating Station cooling towers.

Saturday 2016-02-20:

Around the Bend (Pennsylvania)
Teddy's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Helen and Ester Look Over Kings Manor (Pennsylvania)
Boathouse Bullet Cache (Pennsylvania)
No Way! (Pennsylvania)
Way Too Small! (Pennsylvania)
Up and Away (Pennsylvania)
Rail Way (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - North Wales (Pennsylvania)
My Final Hide of 2015 (Pennsylvania)
More Than One WAY to Skin a Cat! (Pennsylvania)
how Tough can it be??? (Pennsylvania)
It's rumored that Chuck Rodent summers here. (Pennsylvania)
What A Wonderful Area II (Pennsylvania)
You Can Possibly Do It (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Montgomery Township (Pennsylvania)
JALED #26 (Attribute of O's) Hide 2 (D) "Quickie" (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-02-21:

Star Trek Clue #19 Plasma Extinguisher Feb 19th (Pennsylvania)
RBox 3A (Pennsylvania)
Green Thumb (Pennsylvania)
Hungry Cat (Pennsylvania)
The Dawn of Time (Pennsylvania)
All Most Home (Pennsylvania)
The Land Before Time (Pennsylvania)
RollerCoasterRide (Pennsylvania)
Why Not? - (a view of 2 towers) (Pennsylvania)
The Time Before Land (Pennsylvania)
K & T's Linfield Travel Bug Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Limerick P&R (Pennsylvania)
Bridge over troubled waters (Pennsylvania)
Timber! (Pennsylvania)
Into the Woods (Pennsylvania)
Money grows on trees 2 (Pennsylvania)
Guardster (Pennsylvania)
The Brain (Pennsylvania)
The Time Machine (Pennsylvania)
Chilling Out (Pennsylvania)
FF2 Galeophobia (Pennsylvania)
FF3 Herpetophobia (Pennsylvania)
FF4 Photophobia (Pennsylvania)
Blizzard Survival 3 (Pennsylvania)
Rbox 1A (Pennsylvania)
Blizzard Survival 5 (Pennsylvania)
Blizzard Survival 4 (Pennsylvania)
In the Attic of the Library (Pennsylvania)
Rbox 2A (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, montgomery county

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