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Leap Day Weekend

After 4 years, February 29th, the Leap Day, was once again upon us. There were special geocaching events and souvenirs for Leap Day but this time, I decided not to take the day off for that day.

Saturday's trip was to Allentown Southside in Lehigh Valley to get the Logos Wherigo geocache series. The completed series produces a piece of geo-art, in this case an outline of the Wherigo logo. Most geo-art series thus far have used mystery caches to provide a layer of indirection so that the physical caches don't actually need to be laid out like the artwork. This series, however, uses Wherigo. Whereigos are data cartridges that one can play on certain Wherigo-enabled Garmin GPS models. There are also smartphone and Pocket PC apps for Wherigo. So here, the series used 32 Wherigo cartridges, each providing the location of one of the caches once it is solved. They were all easy one-shot questions about a corporate or product logo. (Well okay, I did have to do image searches on the web for a few of those. I don't know everything! :) ) So that was the layer of indirection. Anyway, I found most of those caches quickly. A few were tricky to navigate to because I was unfamiliar with entrances to shopping centers and the one-way streets in that area. One of the caches was missing but there could have only been one place for it, so I replaced it with a preform tube from my bag of spare parts. Also the same day, I did the "Dogs Playing..." series and the "Characters" series. The latter was also a series of Wherigo caches.

Sunday's trip was to Lancaster. Two issues kept me from considering a trip to Lancaster for a couple of months: the Route 41 closure and the snow. Both of those issues were over and there were new caches, so it was a good day for that. I completed the "GP" series at Gap Park in Gap. Each of those caches was related to one bird and had information I needed to find the final bird, which was a bit away from the park. It was a somewhat challenging day though. I had to wade into the water for two of the caches. "Birds Eye View" was in a flooded area. It was just 50 feet from the parking area but the last 20 feet was into the water. No problem. I rolled up my pants and went in with sandals. The water was cold but not too cold. The problem with "Guarded Water" is the cache got stuck in a bridge crevice so one couldn't pull it up by the string on which it was hanging. So once again, I had to wade into the stream water to get close enough to get the cache unstuck with a pair of pliers. This water was a bit deeper but still not up to my knees.

Monday was when I attended 3 Leap Day geocaching events. The first one was "Ha-Ha It's Leap Day" in Talleyville. It was a lot earlier than the time I usually go to work, so I had time for two geocaches and a quesalupa breakfast afterwards. Then at lunchtime, I went to "New Castle Delaware Leap Lunch" at Mary's Kountry Kitchen in Stanton. I decided to get a second breakfast. At dinnertime, I went to "New Castle County Leap Year Event - 2016". It was great having 3 events in one day in this area.

Saturday 2016-02-27:

Logo's # 01 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 02 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 03 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 04 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 05 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 06 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 07 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 08 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 09 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 10 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 11 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 12 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 13 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 14 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 15 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 16 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 17 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 18 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 19 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 20 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 21 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 22 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 23 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 24 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 25 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 26 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 27 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 28 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 29 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 30 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 31 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Logo's # 32 Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Rainbows, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 01, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 02, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 03, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 04, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 05, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 06, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 07, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
South Mall Cache (Pennsylvania)
Dogs Playing Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Baby #16 & The Good Shepard (Pennsylvania)
Dogs Playing Poker (Pennsylvania)
Dogs Playing Pool (Pennsylvania)
Dogs Having a Drink (Pennsylvania)
Dogs Playing Roulette (Pennsylvania)
Dogs Playing Rugby (Pennsylvania)
Dogs Playing Golf (Pennsylvania)
12 Day of XMas - Day 12 (Pennsylvania)
TB Station - Gas n' Go (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-02-28:

The Legend of Little Tree (Delaware)
The Legend of Little Tree II (Delaware)
ELP #8 (Delaware)
In The Woods (Delaware)
Birds, Burritos and Burgers II (Pennsylvania)
Dunky says "Stick Around" (Pennsylvania)
Kinda Makes You Hungry! (Pennsylvania)
GP #5 Ruby Throated Hummingbird (Pennsylvania)
GP #3 Scarlet Tanager (Pennsylvania)
GP #1 Eastern Bluebird (Pennsylvania)
GP #2 Common Grackle (Pennsylvania)
GP #6 Purple Martin (Pennsylvania)
GP #4 American Goldfinch (Pennsylvania)
GP #7 Birds of a Feather Mystery (Pennsylvania)
Shopping Time Killer (Pennsylvania)
Pumping Station Cache (Pennsylvania)
Mycological "2" (Pennsylvania)
Birds Eye View (Pennsylvania)
Time For a Drink (Pennsylvania)
CLUE TOO: #7 Gamepiece (Pennsylvania)
Magic Carpet (Pennsylvania)
Guarded Water (Pennsylvania)
For God And Country (Pennsylvania)
Garden with a View... or Not. (Pennsylvania)
Antiquity on Display (Pennsylvania)
MIKE 5 PIN 0R SHARON 46 (Pennsylvania)
CLUE TOO: #1 Gamepiece (Pennsylvania)

Monday 2016-02-29:

Ha-Ha It's Leap Day (Delaware)
Star Trek Clue #27 Shuttle Feb 27th (Delaware)
Star Trek Clue #28 Engineering Feb 28th (Delaware)
New Castle Delaware Leap Lunch (Delaware)
New Castle County Leap Year Event - 2016 (Delaware)
One for the Road (Delaware)

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