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Bucks County, Schuylkill Canal

Saturday's outing was a round-up of geocaches to the north of Doylestown and in Buckingham, an area that I kept getting sidetracked from previously. Got lots of Taxman caches, which are pretty much the bread and butter of the area. Towards the evening, I headed over towards New Hope and Newtown. Dinner was at the new Panda Express in Trevose. I remember that this chain was in all the mall food courts at one time before they all disappeared. Now it appears to be coming back to the area in the form of standalone restaurants. The food is still served mall food court style (i.e. dished out from steam trays into two or three-entree platters), although it isn't bad.

Sunday was mostly a visit to the Schuylkill Canal Park area in Mont Clare, starting at the Lock 60 recreation area. There were geocaches all along the towpath and also on a few of the side trails going into the woods up the hills. One neat thing about this area is the rocks are in the shape of horizontal slabs, so streams form cascades all the way down from the hills to the river. Early in the day, I also took a side trip to Yellow Springs and saw some spring houses and strange artifacts.

Saturday 2016-03-12:

Bison in the Pines III (Pennsylvania)
Pole Vault IX (Pennsylvania)
A Tribute to HANK15 (Pennsylvania)
A Tribute To Sunny1515x (Pennsylvania)
Can't Run. (Pennsylvania)
Cupid's Ammo (Pennsylvania)
Alternate Access to 202 Parkway Trail (Pennsylvania)
Got Ammo? IV (Pennsylvania)
My First Hide (Pennsylvania)
Benched! (Pennsylvania)
Troll Bridge, Pay the Troll (Pennsylvania)
Happy New Year 2016 (Pennsylvania)
Candy Cane Lane (Pennsylvania)
Happy (?) Halloween! (Pennsylvania)
There Are No Evil Caches, Only Evil Cachers (Pennsylvania)
Got Ammo? (Pennsylvania)
Superman's Girlfriend (Pennsylvania)
No More Juice Sold Here (Pennsylvania)
Park and Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Golden Opportunity (Pennsylvania)
AGX3 #2 (Pennsylvania)
Taxxy! (Pennsylvania)
Lord of the Rings (Pennsylvania)
Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Pennsylvania)
Woooooooooo, Pig! Sooie! (Pennsylvania)
Calling All Hogs (Pennsylvania)
%&$*! Pine Trees (Pennsylvania)
A One and a Two.... (Pennsylvania)
Do Cachers Value Smileys? - dhá cheann déag (Pennsylvania)
Dastardly Decoy Depot (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-03-13:

No.7 Historic Yellow Springs (Pennsylvania)
Crystal Diamond Spring House (Pennsylvania)
Hole-in-One (Pennsylvania)
Dead or Alive? (Pennsylvania)
Peg Leg (Pennsylvania)
Walnut (Pennsylvania)
Inverted Keystone (Pennsylvania)
Protected by 4 (Pennsylvania)
Leaner Replacement? (Pennsylvania)
Sling Shot (Pennsylvania)
Across from Checkmark (Pennsylvania)
All Things Go Birch (Pennsylvania)
Posting (Pennsylvania)
Congratulations Oceanic815 on your 10,000th find (Pennsylvania)
Barely There (Pennsylvania)
First Ditch to the Right (Pennsylvania)
IRONWOOD (Pennsylvania)
Nature Trail (Pennsylvania)
Waterworks Park (Pennsylvania)
Trappe This Cache (Pennsylvania)
Pongras Crossing (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for Rambo (Pennsylvania)
Black Gold (Pennsylvania)
The Duck Pond (Pennsylvania)
In memory of my MOTHER (Pennsylvania)
Frank's Pride (Pennsylvania)
Little Rock (Pennsylvania)
Missing Parts (Pennsylvania)
Walk the plank (Pennsylvania)

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