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Maryland, Pottstown/Reading

Saturday's trip targeted a group of geocaches in Abingdon that had been placed for a recent geocaching event that I didn't attend. After that, I continued towards Baltimore, going around the northern part of it. The surprise of the day was the Hampton National Historic Site near Towson. The National Park Service doesn't usually allow geocaches, but I soon realized that the ones on the property were placed by Hampton NPS themselves. Anyway, those were quite nice and took only a bit of a walk around the estate grounds.

Sunday's geocaches were in Pottstown, Birdsboro, and Reading, mostly along the Rt 422 corridor. I decided to do a bit of hiking to get some caches along the Schuylkill River Trail because it wasn't raining. "Everybody Talks" was the interesting one of the day. It's a geo-mob cache, where the first part requires 3 people at the given coordinates to have their phones open to a website. When the website server detects that there are indeed 3 viewers at that spot, it spits out the final coordinates. What I noticed was there was Xfinity WiFi at that location, so I could get away with not having 3 mobile lines. I was able to do it with 2 phones and another spare phone on WiFi. (Of course, I could've also set up a WiFi hotspot but that's against the AT&T GoPhone terms and conditions, last I checked.) The funny cache of the day was "Piece of Mind". I thought that was a misspelling at first but the cache did look like a piece of brain.

Saturday 2016-04-02:

Grim Grinning Ghosts (Delaware)
The Little Red Hen's New Home (Delaware)
Purple Turtle Cache! (Maryland)
The Birds Nest (Maryland)
Drive-In Speaker Pole (Maryland)
None like this in year #1 (Maryland)
Pine Trees Everywhere! (Maryland)
Sign of Merritt (Maryland)
Penny Boston's Navy (Maryland)
Hunter's Run (Maryland)
Trapped (Maryland)
Posted up by a pond (Maryland)
Farewell to a Legend (Maryland)
March In Like A Lion (Maryland)
I pray thee find me (Maryland)
Bushwacking Central (Maryland)
Great Debate Is A Lost Art (Maryland)
Like a bag in the wind (Maryland)
Whoops i dropped my cache (Maryland)
Mr duck tape (Maryland)
Looking for Lincoln #4 (Maryland)
Xiphoid (Maryland)
Leap Posted Cache (Maryland)
Tally Ho! (Maryland)
A Life of Leisure (Maryland)
Udderly Historic (Maryland)
CAM Bonus - Corn Crib - 2016 (Maryland)
View from an Old Road (Maryland)
Hampton Estate (Maryland)
Towson YMCA (Maryland)

Sunday 2016-04-03:

St. Patrick's Day Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sadie's Cache (Pennsylvania)
201 - A Peaceful Challenge (Pennsylvania)
Everybody Talks (Pennsylvania)
GTEO HOME (Pennsylvania)
Long Haired Freaky People (Pennsylvania)
aMUSE (Pennsylvania)
Get Moving! (Pennsylvania)
"WHERE IT ENDS" (Pennsylvania)
Bear Feast (Pennsylvania)
The flood of '87 (Pennsylvania)
Crust's Stump (Pennsylvania)
MoVe!! (Pennsylvania)
Gibraltar Rocks.2 (Pennsylvania)
Piece of Mind (Pennsylvania)
Carpe Diem #4 (Pennsylvania)
"Thirteen" (Pennsylvania)
Heat Wave (Pennsylvania)
Knot A Problem (Pennsylvania)
Mt. Penny (Pennsylvania)
Working Man (Pennsylvania)
A Friendly Cache (Pennsylvania)
Friday the 13th (Pennsylvania)
The Sport Of Kings-100th Hide (Pennsylvania)
Supper,Dinner, Lunch (Pennsylvania)
JABS (Pennsylvania)

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