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Fur The 'More 2016

This weekend, I was at the Sheraton in Tysons Corner, VA, for Fur The 'More. This time, I shared a room with Laser Wolf from the DC area. He's a good roommate and great for conversation throughout the weekend. Also, I do prefer splitting a room 50/50, rather than three or four ways, because then we have more space and one bed per person. The running gag this weekend is I would stumble into the room in fursuit at 2 o'clock, and Laser would be in bed. This happened not just at 2am but also 2pm! :) This year, our room was on the first level, which due to the layout of the hotel, is actually half a level below the lobby level. That was quite convenient for fursuiting though because I didn't need to take the elevator to get to either the lobby or the panel rooms from my room. Just a short walk and a couple of steps up/down, and I was there!

Even in its fourth year, I find Fur The 'More to be overall an enjoyable con. I like that they try new things every year to keep it interesting. The program schedule wasn't overly packed, which is nice because I like to take breaks from attending panels and events for general fursuiting mayhem and shenanigans. However, of the scheduled programming, I did enjoy the screening of Office Space, the fursuit parade, the fursuit games (Furlympics), the fandom rant panel, the assertiveness/self-confidence panel, and the charity (Frisky's Wildlife Sanctuary) presentation. I also played about a half-dozen rounds of One-Night Ultimate Werewolf in the gaming room because it was that good! Also, handing out woven silk ties to fursuiters as fursuit tags was a wonderful idea and fit perfectly with this year's Cubicle Jungle / Office Space theme. Of course, then we found out that most folks hadn't tied a tie in years but I helped a few fellow fursuiters with their ties once I remembered how I used to tie a tie.

The only issue with the hotel was inadequate parking. Both the hotel perimeter and garage filled up on Friday and Saturday, and some people had to park along the street and side lane. Fortunately, I didn't need to drive out the whole weekend. The nice thing about the location is there are a couple of restaurants and a Walmart next door to the hotel. That's great for when you can't spend too much time on lunch or dinner because you have to get back to a con event. However, I did walk farther out (about 1/4 mile) on Sunday to try some new restaurants about two blocks down Leesburg Pike. Gotta write more Yelp reviews, you know! :)

Thursday 2016-04-07:

New RoFo (Maryland)
Bulle Rock Cache (Maryland)
LPC for 2/29 (Maryland)
Mama Flo (Maryland)
Toys for us, Toys for them (Maryland)
A B C (Maryland)
The Christmas Eve, "Eve" Birthday Cache (Maryland)
Glitter Kitty (Maryland)
Wocka Wocka Wocka (Maryland)
Camo Man (Maryland)
Camo Confusion (Maryland)
At the Corner of Old and New (Maryland)
Mondo's On Every Corner #1: Learning Curve (Maryland)
Toothy Cache (Maryland)
The Twelfths of 2012 Series - 12 Disciples (Maryland)
Babylon 5: The Coming of Shadows (Maryland)
Panda's Vantage Point (Maryland)
LET IT SNOW (Maryland)
Out To Lunch (Maryland)
The Solar System Tour: Jupiter (Maryland)
Ana's Cache (Maryland)
Machts Nichts (Maryland)
Near Symbiosis (Maryland)
Mrs Kite's Old Playground (Maryland)
St. Paddy's Pot o' Gold #1🍀 (Virginia)

Monday 2016-04-11:

Pocket Parks #1 (Virginia)
M-T-C ~ Exit 66 Idylwood (Virginia)
Mounty Royal (Virginia)
Grand J's WOD-5 Red (Virginia)
Grand J's WOD-6 White (Virginia)
The Bat-Man (Virginia)
Seven Rays (Virginia)
Henderson House - FCCRH (Virginia)
Black Diamond (Virginia)
Fort Taylor Micro (Virginia)
Temptation (Virginia)
”OYR” Wanna Be #1 in Columbia, MD (Maryland)
Can you hear me now? Nope! (Maryland)
Rusty Rail (Maryland)
Scoop It (Maryland)

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