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Princeton, Reading, Hamburg

Saturday's trip was first to Upper Freehold, including Clayton Park, Assunpink WMA and Etra Lake Park, before heading over to the Princeton area. I wanted to get in some hiking to get some of the older geocaches in the area before going to the built-up areas for quick caches. A strange thing I found was a panda hanging on a tree. The strange part was it had nothing to do with the geocache, which was nearby, so sometimes one just comes across random stuff in the woods. Also, Clayton Park had a lovely purple field. On closer examination, I saw that it's a dense patch of purple deadnettle. And the flock of guinea fowl in Etra Park in no way hampered the cache search, although they were very noisy.

Sunday's excursion was to get the new geocaches in Leesport, Shoemakersville, and Hamburg, although I did stop in Morgantown, Wyomissing, and Reading along the way. In Centerport, I arrived at a fork in the road! The town has a good sense of humor.

Saturday 2016-04-16:

A.C.W.A.C. NOT! XVIII (New Jersey)
Dizz-Knee Challenge: Cacherella PVI (New Jersey)
A.C.W.A.C. NOT! XVII (New Jersey)
MCPS West - Clayton Park (New Jersey)
Bring a lunch! (New Jersey)
UTT 201: Delaware (New Jersey)
Deep In The Heart Of New Jersey 3: A Series (New Jersey)
Tranquil Pond (New Jersey)
Deep In The Heart Of New Jersey 2 (New Jersey)
Central Jersey Cache Hunt - South (2013) (New Jersey)
The Empty Park - West (New Jersey)
Etra Lake II (New Jersey)
RJ's gated hide (New Jersey)
The Empty Park - East (New Jersey)
Etra Center-Hutchinson 3rd in Cemetery Series (New Jersey)
Dam Parking (New Jersey)
My Friend Jeremiah 2 (New Jersey)
Cranbury Manor (New Jersey)
Rainy Day (New Jersey)
The Big Bear (New Jersey)
(Troop 70913) Hogwarts (New Jersey)
The Pooh Bear (New Jersey)
Music by the Lake (New Jersey)
Pining at Lakes Edge (New Jersey)
#CacheOnly (New Jersey)
Superhero Series: THE FLASH (New Jersey)
The Times They Are a Changin' (New Jersey)
Nanu Nano (New Jersey)
The Secret Garden (New Jersey)
D is for Pizza (New Jersey)

Sunday 2016-04-17:

Clyde Smith (Pennsylvania)
Pipe Down! (Pennsylvania)
Lights out (Pennsylvania)
Kashmir (Pennsylvania)
Tree Candy (Pennsylvania)
Fire Co long gone. (Pennsylvania)
Lets Play (Pennsylvania)
Respect our FLAG (Pennsylvania)
Which Creature was Featured? (Pennsylvania)
center rail (Pennsylvania)
#1 or #2 (Pennsylvania)
End of the road. (Pennsylvania)
LSUP on the SRT-Middle (Pennsylvania)
Our hood (Pennsylvania)
Lying In Wait - X (Pennsylvania)
L. I. W. - I (Pennsylvania)
B. Bubbenmoyer – BRIDGE (Pennsylvania)
B. Bubbenmoyer – GUARD RAIL (Pennsylvania)
VACANT LOT? (Pennsylvania)
Park It Here - V (Pennsylvania)
B. Bubbenmoyer – WATER TOWER (Pennsylvania)
Watch Your Step! (Pennsylvania)
Skyline View (Pennsylvania)
SHOEY LOUIE (Pennsylvania)
B.S. - I (Pennsylvania)
Nano? (Pennsylvania)
Lying In Wait XIII (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - VI (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - IV (Pennsylvania)
Fallen Hero's lll (Pennsylvania)
Fallen Hero's ll (Pennsylvania)
Tilden Park (Pennsylvania)
Hamburg Jaycees - Group Therapy (Pennsylvania)
CCMM: Evidence Locker #16 (Pennsylvania)
CCMM: Evidence Locker #13 (Pennsylvania)
CCMM: Evidence Locker #1 (Pennsylvania)

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