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South Jersey west side

This weekend was two days of geocaching up the west side of South Jersey since there have been many caches placed in this area at the onset of Spring. Saturday's trip was to Swedesboro, Thorofare (Riverwinds), Woodbury, Haddonfield, and Cherry Hill, and Sunday's trip was to Trenton, Hamilton, and Princeton Junction, hitting some of the big cache-filled parks like Veterans Park, Hamilton Park, and Mercer County Park.

It was a showcase of the funny, unusual and bizarre. There was an alligator cache, found in a sewer drain, naturally. Then there was a head in a barrel, which was funny but also rather shocking. And later in the day, I found a skull geocache that screamed when uncovered. Rounding out the creative caches were a Wawa coffee cup geocache, which was made from a real Wawa coffee cup, and a frisbee geocache.

Saturday 2016-04-23:

This one stumped me (New Jersey)
Pureland Pondside Ponderings (New Jersey)
Alligators In The Sewer (New Jersey)
Step Right Up And Watch Some Street Hockey (New Jersey)
Beware the Merpeople (New Jersey)
Riverwinds Cove (New Jersey)
The Deathly Hallows - The Resurrection Stone (New Jersey)
Portkey - The Sorting Hat (New Jersey)
Portkey - The Mirror of Erised (New Jersey)
Portkey - The Goblet of Fire (New Jersey)
The Portkey (New Jersey)
There's Always Room For Micros! (New Jersey)
Fly Eagles Fly (tribute to Jimmy Coons) (New Jersey)
Corner Of Woodbury (Woodbury Memorial Park) (New Jersey)
201 Below (New Jersey)
BSA Troop 7 (New Jersey)
Ammunition Mission (New Jersey)
Bubble GRC (New Jersey)
Caution: Moose Crossing (New Jersey)
Fishing at the Dog Park (New Jersey)
6 More Days to Halloween - Beware of the Black Cat (New Jersey)
2 More Days Till Halloween - Witch's Lair (New Jersey)
Who Let The Dogs Out (New Jersey)
Pezgirl Suprise (New Jersey)
4th Day of Caching, My True love bought for me.... (New Jersey)
Good Morning, Grumpy Pants!!! (New Jersey)
1959 Covered Kissing Bridge (New Jersey)
Rite Paid - MPC #1 (New Jersey)

Sunday 2016-04-24:

Here Lil Yute Yute Yute! (New Jersey)
Refresh Yourself (New Jersey)
Sandy Claws Cache (New Jersey)
Kaiser's Kanine Kache (New Jersey)
Braghellis forest (New Jersey)
Alphabet Trees (New Jersey)
Dead End (New Jersey)
Vets Park Never Forget (New Jersey)
Under the Boardwalk I (New Jersey)
Under the Boardwalk II (New Jersey)
Swamp Thing (New Jersey)
A Toothsome Cache - The Movie (New Jersey)
HomeRun Derby (New Jersey)
Van Nestled (New Jersey)
That's Ultimate (New Jersey)
Fore (New Jersey)
MCPBT 12: NOt part of the PARK (New Jersey)
MCPBT 9: Livin' On The EDGE (New Jersey)
MCPBT 10: A Sticky Situation (New Jersey)
MCPBT 7: Scenic Overlook (New Jersey)
Row, Row, Row Your Boat (New Jersey)
MCPBT 6: Just Another MKH In The Woods (New Jersey)
Mayo Cache-O (New Jersey)
MCPBT 5: The Back Door (New Jersey)
MCPBT 2(a): The Toothless Grin (New Jersey)
MCPBT 3: What Trail Is This? (New Jersey)
MCPBT 21: E62519WW (New Jersey)
MCPBT 25(a): Alternate Route Home (New Jersey)
MCPBT 0.5: What's The Name Of This Park? (New Jersey)
MCPBT 1: The 3 Headed Hydra (New Jersey)
Mini Monuments #3 (New Jersey)
Hide Any Better? (New Jersey)

Tags: geocaching, gloucester county, mercer county, salem county, south jersey

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