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Blue Marsh Lake, Reading West, Lawrenceville Jubilee

Saturday's trip was to the west of Reading to get some geocaches in the area of Blue Marsh Lake. I had no idea that April 30 was the last day before they started charging a park fee, so that was a bonus. After that, I continued westward to Heidelberg, Robesonia, Womelsdorf, Newmanstown, and Richland. It's an area with a series of small towns along Route 422, with ducks and lots of cows.

On Sunday, I went to Lawrenceville to do a mascot gig with Hi-4 at the Lawrenceville Jubilee. It rained the whole day so there wasn't much of a crowd and some vendors canceled, but the event still went on. TARDIS Kitty and I did the gig in the rain, which was a bit messy, although on the plus side, one can't feel the rain in fursuit. :) So we entertained the half dozen or so families who attended the event. After the event, I went a bit farther up route 206 to get some geocaches in Princeton, Rocky Hill, and Hillsborough, before heading to dinner.

Saturday 2016-04-30:

Creekside Cache (Pennsylvania)
NOT JABS (Pennsylvania)
Hanging in there. (Pennsylvania)
Passed Berks' Past #2 (Pennsylvania)
Monopoly in Wyomissing (Pennsylvania)
Bern Twp. Micro (Pennsylvania)
Veteran Salute (Pennsylvania)
MOMU Movies and Music cache (Pennsylvania)
TCVG11 - CONNECTOR TRAIL (Pennsylvania)
TCVG19 - WATER ROAD (Pennsylvania)
GPS 101 (Pennsylvania)
TCVG18 - OLD DRY ROADS FARM (Pennsylvania)
Sterners Hill (Pennsylvania)
Pen Pal - BLUE (Pennsylvania)
JABS' Hidden Treasure (Pennsylvania)
Not Your Typical Guardrail Hide (Pennsylvania)
Passed Berks’ Past #8 (Pennsylvania)
Curve Cache (Pennsylvania)
“S” Curves on the Mountain (Pennsylvania)
At The Gates Of ??? (Pennsylvania)
Hole in the Wall #1 (Pennsylvania)
Picnic in the Park Two (Pennsylvania)
Picnic in the Park One (Pennsylvania)
Craves (Pennsylvania)
The store that never was (Pennsylvania)
Lock 24 (Pennsylvania)
Brick Plant Brew (Pennsylvania)
Making Progress (Pennsylvania)
Big Red Barn (Pennsylvania)
NO FOWL PLAY HERE (Pennsylvania)
Creekside Hollow Niche (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-05-01:

Tri-State Junction Challenge (New Jersey Edition) (New Jersey)
Robeson in Princeton (New Jersey)
Four corners of the horseshoe (New Jersey)
800 caches??!! (New Jersey)
Hydro Wave (New Jersey)
Van Horne of Plenty (New Jersey)
On the Waterfront (New Jersey)
Lazy Day at the Millstone River (New Jersey)
PRODUCE the COorDinatES (New Jersey)
BPH#3 (New Jersey)

Tags: berks county, geocaching, hi-4, lebanon county, mascot gig, mercer county

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