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Lehigh Valley, Skillman

On Saturday, I'd planned to go to Allentown to get the latest "Play Anywhere" Wherigo caches, but how could I resist a little side trip to the Morton Morton house? Folks in Lehigh Valley have gotten rather daring with their geocaches. This big frog geocache, for example, is slightly hidden only because of the vegetation but I think they're really counting on no one venturing out to that side of the park. And then, there was the Tuma Butt geocache. And you thought geocaches couldn't be risque!

Sunday's trip was to the Skillman / Montgomery / Hopewell area since I wanted to visit MOOYAH Burgers again. As I discovered, this area is rather artsy. The parks are decorated with various sculptures and art pieces, such as historic house scale models, abstract sculptures, a mask, and a meditative figure. I spent most of the day though on the Skillman Park Geotrail, a collection of geocaches in Skillman Park, a relatively large park built on the grounds of a former state-run psychiatric institution.

Saturday 2016-05-07:

All About the Movies (Pennsylvania)
Morton Morton with a view (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 12, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 13, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 11, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 09, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 08, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Characters # 10, Play Anywhere Wherigo (Pennsylvania)
Not Like The Others (Pennsylvania)
Bull Frog (Pennsylvania)
The Digits (Pennsylvania)
Schmetterling (Pennsylvania)
Sumthing's Different (Pennsylvania)
A Vulcan Puzzle (Pennsylvania)
Parking By The New Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Clue Series - Billiard Room Revisited (Pennsylvania)
Quick Reference-01 (Pennsylvania)
S"trolling" Trout Creek (Pennsylvania)
Spider-Man Kissed a Frog (Pennsylvania)
Tuma Butt (Pennsylvania)
Don't Be Afraid (of a micro in the woods) (Pennsylvania)
The mine hole (Pennsylvania)
SWAPS-A-Lot (Pennsylvania)
Game On! (Pennsylvania)
The End of the Line 2 (Pennsylvania)
In memory of Dave Callahan (Pennsylvania)
Lots Of Love (Pennsylvania)
The End of the Line (Pennsylvania)
Friendly Faces Everywhere (Pennsylvania)
In Memoriam: grunsow (Pennsylvania)
Child's Play (Pennsylvania)
Dying To Cache - Arlington Memorial Park (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-05-08:

Home of the Lions (New Jersey)
Mickleton Tot-Lot Park (New Jersey)
Eglington Cemetery (New Jersey)
You Used to do WHAT back here??? (New Jersey)
Paul's Cache (New Jersey)
Beware of Frogs (New Jersey)
Tribute to Ice Skating Coaches (New Jersey)
Hobler Park Cache (New Jersey)
Herman's Head (New Jersey)
Memorial Walk (New Jersey)
SPG - Bridgeview (New Jersey)
SPG - West Entrance (New Jersey)
SPG - Former Lake View (New Jersey)
Baby or Cache???? (New Jersey)
SPG - The Great Circle (New Jersey)
SPG - Pipes Brook (New Jersey)
SPG - Truckload of Cache (New Jersey)
SPG-The Cookout (New Jersey)
SPG - East Entrance (New Jersey)
SPG - Purple Tree (New Jersey)
SPG - State Animal (New Jersey)
SPG - Die Allee (New Jersey)
SPG - Lower Cemetery (New Jersey)
For the Birds (New Jersey)
Rock Brookside (New Jersey)
Grave Situation I (New Jersey)
Hopewell Station (New Jersey)

Tags: geocaching, lehigh valley, somerset county

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