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Reading/Hamburg, Sourland Mountain

Saturday was a rainy day, so I mostly hit the quick and easy geocaches in the suburbs and countryside to the west and northwest of Reading. (Cumru, Wyomissing, Bern, Leesport) Many of those were cemetery geocaches, thanks to the "Lying In Wait" cache series. Later in the afternoon, the rain stopped, so I took a mile-long hike in SGL 110. Then I hurried back to the parking area since the rain started again just as I was nearly done with that hike.

Sunday began with some dinosaur adventures at the hadrosaurus site in Haddonfield. Then, there was a walk across a pipeline bridge. Although it seemed fine, I wasn't sure if the walkway was sturdy so I had to be careful. And then, there was a geocache on a pedestrian overpass in Collingswood. Not so much of an adventure there. Later in the afternoon, I headed over to Sourland Mountain Reservation in Belle Mead. There were two cache series there, Sweet and Sour, which combined into a long hike from one park entrance to another. The "Sweet" series had some funny caches, like this deer skull with bloodshot eyeballs. One of the stops in Sourland was an abandoned blue Corvair, where the "Dude, where's my Corvair?" geocache was hidden. This was challenging to access due to the overgrowth but there was a faint trail from previous visitors to the abandoned car.

Saturday 2016-05-14:

Zoe in Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
Nolde Forest - Trailing The Treasure (Pennsylvania)
The Dragons of Cymru (Pennsylvania)
JAGR (Pennsylvania)
JAF (Pennsylvania)
Lets take a dip (Pennsylvania)
Berger on the side (Pennsylvania)
Lying In Wait XVII (Pennsylvania)
Lying In Wait XIX (Pennsylvania)
Pen Pal - GREEN (Pennsylvania)
Penn Township Park (Pennsylvania)
Smooth Operator V (Pennsylvania)
Lying In Wait XV (Pennsylvania)
'Tis the Season (Pennsylvania)
Cold on The Shoulder (Pennsylvania)
Thing of the Past (Pennsylvania)
Lying In Wait XVIII (Pennsylvania)
CCMM: Evidence Locker #5 (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - VII (Pennsylvania)
Hamburg Jaycees - Hall (Pennsylvania)
Camp Mosquito-Stone (Pennsylvania)
SGL 110 #7 (Pennsylvania)
CCMM: Evidence Locker #4 (Pennsylvania)
SGL 110 #8 (Pennsylvania)
SGL 110 #6 (Pennsylvania)
NOT another MHK (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - III (Pennsylvania)
CCMM: Evidence Locker #12 (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-05-15:

Lost and found (New Jersey)
Velociraptor Fence (New Jersey)
The Green Floor (New Jersey)
8th Day of Caching, My True love bought for me.... (New Jersey)
Long Gone...Celebrity Spot (New Jersey)
Cleaning up Camden (New Jersey)
STEP TO STEP (New Jersey)
Eds Stairway (New Jersey)
A Stroll Over Traffic (New Jersey)
Silly Band Trading Post (New Jersey)
Sweet 1 - Good morning (New Jersey)
Sweet 2 - Don't stop here! (New Jersey)
Sweet 3 - Not heavy metal (New Jersey)
Sweet 4 - Pot head (New Jersey)
Sweet 5 - Peekaboo (New Jersey)
Sweet 6 - Festivus! Feats of strength (New Jersey)
Sweet 7 - Very handsome (New Jersey)
Sour 6 (New Jersey)
Sweet 8 - Sweetie (New Jersey)
Really Roaring (New Jersey)
Sour 5 (New Jersey)
Sour 4 (New Jersey)
Sour 2 (New Jersey)
Sour 1 (New Jersey)
All Tangled Up (New Jersey)
Dude, where's my Corvair? (New Jersey)
The Ugly Duct-ling (New Jersey)
Worth 2 in the bush (New Jersey)

Tags: berks county, camden county, geocaching, somerset county

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