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Rainy day Berks countryside, the mascot gig that wasn't

Saturday was a rainy day. Contrary to what one might assume, the better bet for geocaches was to get out to the countryside north of Pottstown because there were many cemetery caches that weren't too messy to get to in the rain. The most notable cache site was the graveyard of Robocop! Actually, he was a different Peter Weller from the 19th century. There was also a split lamb in another cemetery. The cutest geocache was a mini mailbox outside the cache owner's house.

On Sunday, I headed out to Point Pleasant Beach to do a mascot gig for a CFF Great Strides event. However, when I got there, I saw Miss GEICO and realized that it was a totally different event. Turns out that the CFF event had been moved to the weekend prior but they didn't bother to tell Hi-4. Oh well. This is the second year in a row that something has gone wrong with the gig, so I might not sign up next year. But no matter. The rain had stopped and there were plenty of geocaches around Point Pleasant Beach, Brielle, Wall, and Manasquan, especially the little power trail in Sawmill Tract. The most humorous cache of the day was Pepto Cachemo. One dose cures cache withdrawal symptoms!

Saturday 2016-05-21:

Sally Ann Furnace (Pennsylvania)
ROCK OF AGES (Pennsylvania)
Restin in Edgewood (Pennsylvania)
BLIZZARD SURVIVAL 1 (Pennsylvania)
UP OR DOWN (Pennsylvania)
The Inbetweener (Pennsylvania)
ROUND AND ROUND (Pennsylvania)
Hickory Park Play n Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cool Math Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cool Water (Pennsylvania)
Pheasant Land (Pennsylvania)
Treasure not so hidden (Pennsylvania)
On The County Line (Pennsylvania)
BLIZZARD SURVIVAL 2 (Pennsylvania)
A quiet little place (Pennsylvania)
WOLF (Pennsylvania)
TIGER (Pennsylvania)
WEBELOS (Pennsylvania)
BEAR (Pennsylvania)
Small Town 1 (Pennsylvania)
315.1 (Pennsylvania)
RoboCop (Pennsylvania)
Weil Away the Hours (Pennsylvania)
In Honor Of (Pennsylvania)
All The Birds Are Gone (Pennsylvania)
Hometown Hide - The Hand (Pennsylvania)
Hometown Hide - School Days (Pennsylvania)
Hometown Hide - Shirt Tales (Pennsylvania)
A walk in the Park (Pennsylvania)
Hometown Hide - Resting Place (Pennsylvania)
B.S. - XV (Pennsylvania)
Rural Delivery (Pennsylvania)
Robin is Toast! (Pennsylvania)
Bird in Tree (Pennsylvania)
B.S. - XVII (Pennsylvania)
We're Not Here Yet (Pennsylvania)
Dig It (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-05-22:

Sudoku (New Jersey)
Library Cache (New Jersey)
Shorebound On Route 35 (New Jersey)
"When the TWILIGHT is gone......." (New Jersey)
Lovelandtown Revisited (New Jersey)
Rock the Tradition (New Jersey)
Brooks Road Canal Cache (New Jersey)
Christie Rampone (New Jersey)
Sawmill Tautogram Trail (New Jersey)
Terrific Tautogram Toddles That Tsunami (New Jersey)
Virtuous Vikings Vexes Venomous Vexations (New Jersey)
Radio Researchers Recalibrated Research Rocket (New Jersey)
Kindergarten Kids Kayaked Knowledgeably (New Jersey)
Eagle Eyed Ericles earnestness endures (New Jersey)
Alphie awaiting Ariels arrival (New Jersey)
Impaired Internet Impedes International Initiative (New Jersey)
Kevin Arnold Years (New Jersey)
Have A Sip (New Jersey)
Bailey's Caribou Cold as Blue Brew (New Jersey)
Loughran Gardens redo (New Jersey)
Pepto-Cachemo (New Jersey)
Brielle Kiddie Beach (New Jersey)
Mud Pond (New Jersey)
High or Low (New Jersey)
Squan Plaza Flat One (New Jersey)
The Old Driving Range (New Jersey)
Wall Food Store Wall (New Jersey)
P.O. Box – Howell (New Jersey)
Our 1st Hide! (New Jersey)
TDH #9 - Solstice (New Jersey)
TDH #10 - GTO (New Jersey)
TDH #14 - El Camino (New Jersey)
TDH #17 - Studebaker (New Jersey)
May I Take Your (Secret) Order? (New Jersey)
Its Electric - Boogie Woogie Woogie (New Jersey)
Don't worry, I'm a pro (New Jersey)

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