Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday's trip was to Hopewell Township, Titusville, and Washington's Crossing in Central Jersey with a brief foray into Yardley, Pennsylvania. Most of the day was a long walk along the D&R Canal to finish the "D&R Trail" series that I started 2 years ago. This time, I started from the north end, near Washington's Crossing. There was also a historical tour down the route George Washington might have taken in the march to Trenton.

Sunday's trip was to Lehigh Valley for the "LVG Memorial Day G.E.M." geocaching event. The event was in the late afternoon, so in the morning and afternoon, I got some geocaches around Lower and Upper Macungie.

Monday's trip was to Reading, Muhlenberg, Fleetwood, Moselem Springs, and Kutztown. In the beginning of the day, I tried to tackle some of the more difficult or time-consuming caches around West Reading to clear out the area. Wasn't entirely successful though. At Mini Menagerie, the final location contained a dead raven, presumably lying right on the cache! I decided to leave that one alone for now. (I noticed the cache owner has since removed the carcass, so we're just waiting until the remnants have decomposed.) On the other hand, "Frog Tour Multi-Cache" and "Sweet Dreams" were a treat to do. The former took me to a series of frog sculptures around West Reading, while the latter was in beautiful Trudy's Garden.

Saturday 2016-05-28:

Dr. Glenn's Cache (New Jersey)
Finding Serenity (New Jersey)
Cricket on the Green (New Jersey)
Treasure of 40 Thieves (New Jersey)
Crossroad Surprise (New Jersey)
TB Bankchoff (New Jersey)
A Sad End (New Jersey)
George Would Have Loved This! (New Jersey)
#1 Park and Ride (Pennsylvania)
Where The Sidewalk Ends (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for Rebel Cruzer (and you) (Pennsylvania)
D&R Trail #24 - Have a Seat (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #23 - Don't Fall Down (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #22 - Ent's Revenge (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #21 - Quad (New Jersey)
Kassy's Cache (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #20 - Phantom Railroad (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #19 - Vines 2...Not? (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #18 - The Big Geopile (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #17 - Jacob's Creek (New Jersey)
Titusville History (New Jersey)
Friendly Wall (New Jersey)
Canal-Side Cache (New Jersey)
Bear's World (Take II) (New Jersey)
Resnick's Hollow (New Jersey)
1776 New Jersey Part 5 Washington's crossing (New Jersey)
Jacob's Creek Trail (New Jersey)
Jacob's Creek Travel Bug Pit Stop (New Jersey)
Winer #3 (New Jersey)
The Greatest Cache (New Jersey)
Titus Mill Cache & Dash (or not?) (New Jersey)
No Splash Zone (New Jersey)

Sunday 2016-05-29:

Local Railroad History - Baldwin Locomotive Works (Pennsylvania)
A Dry Place To Cache If It's Raining (Pennsylvania)
Park and Find A Quick Cache (Pennsylvania)
Hereford hide (Pennsylvania)
Signs signs everywhere signs (Pennsylvania)
C&M's Parkinglot Party (Pennsylvania)
Black Bison in Lenape Park (Pennsylvania)
NHL Series: Toronto Maple Leafs (Pennsylvania)
When Doves Cry (Pennsylvania)
Which Rock Will You Choose? (Pennsylvania)
Take a break (Pennsylvania)
Fourth of July (Pennsylvania)
Snail Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Hills at Lock Ridge Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cricket By The Creek (Pennsylvania)
Funny Log (Pennsylvania)
Tree Log (Pennsylvania)
A Hole In One (Pennsylvania)
Eve of LMT (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to the family #3 (Pennsylvania)
A Gigantic Tee Off III (Pennsylvania)
LVG Memorial Day G.E.M. (Pennsylvania)
Trail Head Right Fork (Pennsylvania)
Picture Perfect (Pennsylvania)
Pic-niche Place (Pennsylvania)
Romeo & Juliet (Pennsylvania)
For Those Who Served - Bethlehem Salvation Army (Pennsylvania)
It's just work (Pennsylvania)
NO DUMPING! (Pennsylvania)
Come on Inn (Pennsylvania)
What A Wonderful Area IV (Pennsylvania)

Monday 2016-05-30:

Ramble On! (Delaware)
L.I.W. - XXXI (Pennsylvania)
JAGR1 (Pennsylvania)
Oh Snap, It's August Already (milestone challenge) (Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania's First & Finest (Pennsylvania)
Do I smell gas? (Pennsylvania)
Sweet Dreams (Pennsylvania)
Frog Tour Multi-Cache (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - XXVIX (Pennsylvania)
Spooked! (Pennsylvania)
Pipe Down (Pennsylvania)
Sk8 oR Die! (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - XXX (Pennsylvania)
Holy Guacamole! (Pennsylvania)
Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure - Ted (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - XXXII (Pennsylvania)
And It Begins Again... (Pennsylvania)
The Third Rail (Pennsylvania)
Shelters of Kutztown Road I (Pennsylvania)
LYING IN WAIT - Vlll (Pennsylvania)
LYING IN WAIT - lX (Pennsylvania)
Little Browm Church (Pennsylvania)
B.S. - II (Pennsylvania)
B.S. - VI (Pennsylvania)
Slightly Off Course (Pennsylvania)
roll out the "Barrel" (Pennsylvania)
Shelters of Kutztown Road II (Pennsylvania)
B.S. VII (Pennsylvania)
A Hard Cache for You IV (Pennsylvania)
Tweet,Tweet (Pennsylvania)
Kutzpatty's (Pennsylvania)
Shelters Of Kutztown Road III (Pennsylvania)

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