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WWFM XIII, Reading, Baltimore

Saturday was the day of the 13th World-Wide Flash Mob. I attended the one in the Reading area, simply because that's where I was going for the day. There are fewer WWFM events this year and attendance is down. I was told that this is because Groundspeak has stopped offering a special souvenir for this annual event. I thought that was a pity since I couldn't believe a mere virtual token was enough to make or break a decision to attend an event. Regardless, I had a good time at this one. It was at a dog park in Jim Dietrich Park, although most of us didn't have dogs. After that, I continued geocaching around Reading and Muhlenberg, and ventured out to Kutztown again. Creative caches included an election cache, a few owls, and a birdhouse. There was also a Devil's Trail but I didn't know what that was about since the sign pointed into a wooden hut.

Sunday's trip was back to the Baltimore area, around Edgewood, Middle River, Essex, and Dundalk. There were lots of new caches to get since I hadn't been there in a while, although the most interesting ones were towards the end of the day in Dundalk. Understand the Buried History of Riverview Park was in an underground pedestrian tunnel. Of course, you can't take GPS readings underground so the cache owner provided a good hint for finding it. Also, the cache page has pointers to historical information on the (early 20th century) amusement park and industrial plant located at that site.

Saturday 2016-06-04:

Do Turkeys like Pines? (Pennsylvania)
Behind the Clock Tower (Pennsylvania)
Pizza and a wash (Pennsylvania)
BB's and something abandoned (Pennsylvania)
WWFM XIII- Friendly Furry Friends Welcome! (Pennsylvania)
Jiminy Cricket (Pennsylvania)
United we are strong (Pennsylvania)
The Brown Bird House (Pennsylvania)
Scout Around (Pennsylvania)
Daisy House (Pennsylvania)
Flowers Bird House (Pennsylvania)
Earl Poole #2 (Pennsylvania)
Mrs. Screech (Pennsylvania)
Let's go too the Poole (Pennsylvania)
Mr.Screech (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - XXVI (Pennsylvania)
at the end of the line (Pennsylvania)
Screech Family (Pennsylvania)
Find the Swag (Pennsylvania)
I hope you can count... (Pennsylvania)
Nestled for a rest (Pennsylvania)
one Room school house (Pennsylvania)
Back to Sharadin: KU Art Majors' Second Home (Pennsylvania)
The Cliffs Cul-de-sac (Pennsylvania)
Does This Have Mushrooms In It? (Pennsylvania)
I Pine for You and Bawl Some (Pennsylvania)
RED HEADED (Pennsylvania)
Corner of the Cemetery! (A-Z Series) (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-06-05:

Plaza Micro (Delaware)
Head of Christiana Cemetery (Delaware)
Calvert Micro (Maryland)
Middle of Calvert (Maryland)
Principio Creek (Maryland)
Perryman Park Entrance (Maryland)
Forest Green (Maryland)
R-P Sapsucker Refuge (Maryland)
Cache to Eagle (Bronze Palm)-BAC, Harford District (Maryland)
TRaptures Big Red Box #1 (Maryland)
In The Back. Around The Corner. (Maryland)
Church Is In Session (Maryland)
X Marks the Spot (Maryland)
Mr Good Buys (Maryland)
The Space Race is Over (Maryland)
Lonely Lizard (Maryland)
The Convenience Cache (Maryland)
O-R-I-O-L-E-S Magic! (Maryland)
The Councilman Cache ( My First Cache ) (Maryland)
Hurry Hurry!!! (Maryland)
Leap Day 2016 (Maryland)
Red Herring (Maryland)
Out of Place (Maryland)
Bad News Bear (Maryland)
Nature Always Wins! (Maryland)
Dizzy Pleasure (Maryland)
There is something wrong with this road too!!! (Maryland)
Jake Mohorovic (Maryland)
Biblical's Yellow Box Series #5 (Maryland)
All Thrashed Out And No Place To Go (Maryland)
Understand the Buried History of Riverview Park (Maryland)
Breeze on By (Maryland)

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