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Chestertown and local, Celebrate Lehigh Parkway

On Saturday, I intended to stay local and get all the recently-published local geocaches, but somehow ended up going to Chestertown after a bunch of geocaches in Middletown and Millington. The one curious thing in the area was the Unicorn Fishing Lake, which, depending on the way you parse the sign, could be a lake where unicorns fish or a lake where one fishes for unicorns. The last stop of the day was back to Carousel Farm Park in Pike Creek for a set of toe geocaches, before I made my escape!

Sunday's trip was to Allentown for the "Celebrate Geocaching in the Lehigh Parkway!" geocaching event. It was a morning event though, so I was there only for the last five minutes before it ended abruptly. In that same area was another event celebrating the 175th anniversary of the covered bridge, so the geocaching event had to end before the next event began. I didn't stick around for the main festivities, so the rest of the day was spent getting the new geocaches in Coplay, Northampton, Laurys Station, and Walnutport, and walking on some of the bike paths in the area.

Saturday 2016-06-11:

Springmill Rocks! (Delaware)
All Alone (Delaware)
Pond View (Delaware)
Horses and Cows (Delaware)
Breakfast Cache (Delaware)
Bills Favorite (Delaware)
Good Fishing (Maryland)
Old Telegraph Road (Maryland)
Boomer and Dinky (Maryland)
Big Mama (Maryland)
Ho Jo No Mo (Maryland)
How high is the water today? (Maryland)
Lets have a picnic! (Maryland)
SULTANA (Maryland)
Find and Read (Maryland)
Willow do walk (Maryland)
Hang in there (Maryland)
Frankenstein (Maryland)
Violet Beauregarde (Maryland)
No Soup for you! (Maryland)
Debbear's Sign (Delaware)
Haunted Hollow TTT #1 (Delaware)
Carousel Knoll TTT#2 (Delaware)
Spyglass Hill TTT #3 (Delaware)
Tom Sawyer's Trail TTT#4 (Delaware)
Carousel Park TTT#5 (Delaware)
Enchanted Lake Promenade TTT#6 (Delaware)
Cinderella's Steps TTT#8 (Delaware)

Sunday 2016-06-12:

Celebrate Geocaching in the Lehigh Parkway! (Pennsylvania)
"THGS": The Final Hide (Pennsylvania)
A Grand View (Pennsylvania)
In a tree (Pennsylvania)
Carpool Cache (Pennsylvania)
UNDER COVER (Pennsylvania)
drummin' on a street light (Pennsylvania)
keep the change! (Pennsylvania)
A Rock and a Hard Place 0672 (Pennsylvania)
A Rock and a Hard Place 2001 (Pennsylvania)
away side fans (Pennsylvania)
canal street park (Pennsylvania)
ATTN #2 - Scouts Honor (Pennsylvania)
camping is great (Pennsylvania)
ATTN #3 - Off The Trail (Pennsylvania)
ATTN #4 - "TMNT Style" (Pennsylvania)
ATTN #5 - About Halfway (Pennsylvania)
ATTN #7 - Hangin' Around (Pennsylvania)
ATTN #9 - The Wall (Pennsylvania)
ATTN #10 - The End (Pennsylvania)
just another stick (Pennsylvania)
Turd Burgler (Pennsylvania)
Young Hot Boiz (Pennsylvania)
Rain Day's Suck #1 (Pennsylvania)
Tob cash 1 ff (Pennsylvania)
Another Cache and Dash (sort of) (Pennsylvania)

Tags: cecil county, geocaching, geocaching event, kent county, lehigh valley, new castle county

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