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More local geocaching, Mercer-Bucks

Saturday was another day to get some geocaches in my area, to the northwest and northeast of home. Went from Newark to Pike Creek, London Britain, Kemblesville, Kennett Square, Concordville, Springfield, Newtown Square, and Lansdowne. Attempted some of the tougher geocaches as well, which meant tackling the overgrowth on some of the less-used trails in DelCo wooded areas. The funny cache of the day was "Class of 3:16", which came with its own action figure.

Sunday's geocaching trip started in Penns Grove and Logan Township, before venturing north to Trenton, Ewing, and Pennington. However, any area that even suggested picnic or swim hole was packed with people and parking areas were jam packed. Moreover, traffic was crazy on the New Jersey side. So, after getting a few geocaches, I decided to head over the river for the relative calm of Bucks County, PA. There were a lot of new geocaches, mostly from Taxman, in Newtown and Bensalem. Also, I was finally able to find some caches with which I had trouble in the past. "Cry Baby #5 * 8 - Newborn" was one such problematic cache. I'd been there before but encountered a vagrant hiding behind the fence, which really discouraged me from returning for a while! Finally found the cache this time and it turned out to not be that difficult, except for having to deal with the overgrowth in that unused slice of land next to the Wawa parking lot.

Couple of interesting geocaches on Sunday. The first was the cow-spotted box, which was furry on the inside! "Shadowy Span" was near an unusual sculpture of an armored horse. What the camera didn't capture very well was a golden heart behind the bars in the center of the horse's body. So that's some neat symbolism. And the last cache before dinner was a gnome, which ties in to the puzzle in "Where's Dog VII - Follow Your Gnome".

Saturday 2016-06-18:

Remembrance (Delaware)
Betwix Fields & Meadows TTT#9 (Delaware)
Middlefield TTT #7 (Delaware)
Splitsville (Delaware)
No Horses Allowed (Delaware)
London Britain Meetinghouse (Pennsylvania)
Resting At Kemblesville (Pennsylvania)
Mt. Olivet Rocks (Pennsylvania)
You got crowned! (Pennsylvania)
Valentine's Day Cache (Pennsylvania)
Let's go Blue Demons! (Pennsylvania)
Just Down from the Summit (Pennsylvania)
Route fun (Pennsylvania)
Overlooking the Valley (Pennsylvania)
Gotta hava LPC (Pennsylvania)
ammocache (Pennsylvania)
the way of the waterfall (Pennsylvania)
The Class of 3:16 Cache (Pennsylvania)
Book It (Pennsylvania)
Cinematic Cache (Pennsylvania)
Crime Alley (Pennsylvania)
dog barking (Pennsylvania)
Holofernes's Army (Pennsylvania)
Pichincha (Pennsylvania)
Dead End (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-06-19:

Upper Penns Neck/Penns Grove - 1967 (New Jersey)
Average ol' Tree Cache (New Jersey)
Usain Bolt (New Jersey)
Oliver St. Park (New Jersey)
Izzy going to College? (New Jersey)
Home Run #2 (New Jersey)
Got Milk? (New Jersey)
Morning Paper Series ewing-Delight (New Jersey)
Mercer Meadows Walking Stick Hide (New Jersey)
Runway Three-Zero (New Jersey)
The Great Wall of Shame (New Jersey)
D&R Trail #13 - Falls View (New Jersey)
#1 Newtown Heat Wave (Pennsylvania)
Bucks - Playwicki - Cache to Eagle # 3 (Pennsylvania)
#3 Newtown Heat Wave (Pennsylvania)
#2 Newtown Heat Wave (Pennsylvania)
Bucks - Playwicki - Cache to Eagle # 2 (Pennsylvania)
Shadowy Span (Pennsylvania)
Where’d the Road Go II? (Pennsylvania)
Park Here Go There (Pennsylvania)
Serendipitous Cache #1 (Pennsylvania)
Do Cachers Value Smileys? - aon cheann déag (Pennsylvania)
Cry Baby #5 * 8 - Newborn (Pennsylvania)
Caching Sisters-in-Law (Pennsylvania)
#3 Christmas Eve 2015 (Pennsylvania)
#2 Christmas 2015 (Pennsylvania)
Officeplex Redux (Pennsylvania)
Where's Dog VII - Follow Your Gnome (Pennsylvania)
Bowl Me Over II (Pennsylvania)
Give Me a Sign! (Pennsylvania)
#1 Christmas Eve 2015 (Pennsylvania)

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