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Limerick, Pottstown, KoP, Upper Gwynedd, Souderton, Perkasie

Saturday was one of the days when I intended to head into the Cache Factory area towards Doylestown but got sidetracked way off. It's all good because it shows that there are new geocaches everywhere and more than enough to make a day of it no matter which way I go. Anyway, I started in the Plymouth Meeting area. Instead of going northeast as intended, I hit groups of caches in Audubon, Collegeville, and Schwenksville. Once I was on the west side of the Perkiomen Creek, that side looked like it had more caches, so I continued onwards through Limerick, Pottstown, and Pottsgrove.

Sunday started in roughly the same area (King of Prussia) but this time, I did go the intended way to Whitpain, Gwynedd, North Wales, Lansdale, Hatfield, Telford, Sellersville, and Perkasie, although there was a little sidetrack to Skippack for a set of geocaches in Heebner Park. ("HP" series) Geocaches of the day were the lizard and the snake. The snake was only a decoration. I think it was meant to be coiled around the cache container but got separated. The two items are back together under the bush. I also found a real snake inside a hollow tree but it moved away too quickly for me to photograph it.

Saturday 2016-06-25:

Not on the Turnpike - Opera Lesson #1 (Pennsylvania)
There's a Small Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Blackjack (Pennsylvania)
It's No Drive In (Pennsylvania)
Animal cache (Pennsylvania)
A Death-Defying Cache in East Norriton (Pennsylvania)
Happy Tax Day, 2016! (Pennsylvania)
NP#5 (Pennsylvania)
Shoot'n the Tubes (Pennsylvania)
Eskie Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Shootin' the Tubes #2 (Pennsylvania)
If you will log (Pennsylvania)
I love bacon (Pennsylvania)
Breakfast Club (Pennsylvania)
Aqualung (Pennsylvania)
Hunsberger Ode to Rasheriam (Pennsylvania)
Under The Skylight (Pennsylvania)
CPYA Strike one (Pennsylvania)
CPYA Strike two (Pennsylvania)
CPYA Strike three (Pennsylvania)
Gerringer Island (Pennsylvania)
Guard a Sporty (Pennsylvania)
Donuts no more (Pennsylvania)
Fleas no more #2 (Pennsylvania)
Fleas no more #1 (Pennsylvania)
Phantom Inn (Pennsylvania)
PMA#3 (Pennsylvania)
PMA#2 (Pennsylvania)
PMA#1 (Pennsylvania)
Sleepless in Limerick (Pennsylvania)
Joint Pain (Pennsylvania)
Tree surgeon (Pennsylvania)
Peanuts and Caches (Pennsylvania)
GSEP TROOP 71206 (Pennsylvania)
GNUT27'S 500TH CACHE (Pennsylvania)
GOT A WRENCH (Pennsylvania)
The old Bull N' Barrel (Pennsylvania)
OLD TIMER (Pennsylvania)
The Treasure of Captain Giunta (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-06-26:

I-guana have some cache (Pennsylvania)
Saint Helena GS troop 71219 (Pennsylvania)
Wentz Run Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cattail View (Pennsylvania)
HP1 (Pennsylvania)
Just One More (Pennsylvania)
HP2 (Pennsylvania)
HP3 (Pennsylvania)
HP4 (Pennsylvania)
Thanks Texdoc! (Pennsylvania)
Worcester Shire (Pennsylvania)
WWorcester Honor Roll (Pennsylvania)
R&L Cache #1 (Pennsylvania)
Palmer Park Woods (Pennsylvania)
Palmer Park Pond (Pennsylvania)
my house (Pennsylvania)
Etrump (Pennsylvania)
HALLMAN GROVE (Pennsylvania)
No Dumping IV (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for R-bow (and you) (Pennsylvania)
Dodsworth Run Preserve (Pennsylvania)
That's the Wrong Way, Woody! (Pennsylvania)
sign in please (Pennsylvania)
Hats Off in Hatfield (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for RocketRobin52 (and you) (Pennsylvania)
#1300 (Pennsylvania)
La Salle Street (Pennsylvania)
State Street (Pennsylvania)
Great Futures Start Here (Pennsylvania)
Ex-cigar Factory (Pennsylvania)
Holly's Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Parseltounge. (Pennsylvania)
WELL Worth Finding (Pennsylvania)

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