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KoP, Plymouth, NW Philly, Willow Grove, Abington, Jenkintown

This weekend, I once again made circles to the west and north of Philadelphia to get the newest batch of geocaches. Saturday's trip was to Upper Merion, King of Prussia, Plymouth Meeting, and Northwest Philadelphia. Got some trail hiking in Northwest Philly because of a few series of geocaches going short distances into rugged Wissahickon Park. The most interesting caches of the day were near the Green Goats project in Bob White Park, Upper Merion. This project uses goats to get rid of invasive plants and poison ivy, and the goats are fun to watch because they move around and eat a lot.

Sunday's trip was to Willow Grove, Abington, and Jenkintown, focusing on the area south of the Pennsylvania Turnpike but north of the city. The most interesting cache site of the day was in the sculpture park at Alverthorpe Manor.

Saturday 2016-07-09:

McAmmocan's Gold (Pennsylvania)
Episode I: Naboo's Never Ending Journey (Pennsylvania)
Stew's Goshen Trail Hide (Pennsylvania)
Rip it off quick! (Pennsylvania)
McMix & Match (Pennsylvania)
Mix & Match (Pennsylvania)
Mazie by the Water? (Pennsylvania)
Nanny Goat (Pennsylvania)
Billy Goat (Pennsylvania)
The Spooky Old Tree (Pennsylvania)
SSS - Henderson Road (Pennsylvania)
SSS - Stanley Kessler (Pennsylvania)
SSS - Alan Wood Steel Co. (Pennsylvania)
SSS - Tyson's Dump (Pennsylvania)
SSS - Superfinal! (Pennsylvania)
What's At Stake? #22 - Stake Holders Meeting (Pennsylvania)
Another Cache for Harriet Wetherill Park (Pennsylvania)
One of Three (Pennsylvania)
Sorry, Your Honor (Pennsylvania)
Sorry, Neptune (Pennsylvania)
Village Stores of Blue Bell (Pennsylvania)
Hawkishly Simple (Pennsylvania)
Powerful Cache (Pennsylvania)
Novelty Flying Cache (Pennsylvania)
Not so harsh... (Pennsylvania)
Auto Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cathedral Trail Head (Pennsylvania)
Birch (Pennsylvania)
O (Pennsylvania)
Blue Tree (Pennsylvania)
Can you hear the water (Pennsylvania)
Pura Vida (Pennsylvania)
WAH WAH (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-07-10:

Ithan Park Redux (Pennsylvania)
Ithan Park Extreme (Pennsylvania)
Big Five; Little Cache: Villanova (Pennsylvania)
Pinnacle (Pennsylvania)
Regency Square Cache (Pennsylvania)
Lamont Cranston's Girlfriend (Pennsylvania)
Roslyn Valley (Pennsylvania)
The Cure for Old Age Also Cures Stupidity (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Sandy Run (Pennsylvania)
*Generic Ballpark Cache Name* (Pennsylvania)
Robinson Park (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for 1Husky (and you) (Pennsylvania)
Morgan Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Another Train Station Cache (Pennsylvania)
TLCache (Pennsylvania)
What a cookie can do! (Pennsylvania)
The Lorax: Seuss #8 (Pennsylvania)
I wish that I had duck feet: Seuss #1 (Pennsylvania)
Imagine Pats (Pennsylvania)
WeRPSA (Pennsylvania)
Jackson Park I (Pennsylvania)
Jackson Park II (Pennsylvania)
Down Below (Pennsylvania)
21st Amendment Series - Pinchot's Prophecy (Pennsylvania)
SCOUTS ON A JOURNEY (Pennsylvania)
SPACE2081 [1.5/2.5] Firefly (Pennsylvania)
A Little Poison Ivy Never Hurt Anyone II (Pennsylvania)
Field and Stream (Pennsylvania)
Scooby Doo, Where Are You! (Pennsylvania)
Trouble Ahead. Trouble Behind. (Pennsylvania)
Rail Trail Cache (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Lower Southampton (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for a CITO Event (and after) (Pennsylvania)

Tags: delaware county, geocaching, montgomery county, philadelphia

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