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Saturday was another trip up Montgomery County, to Gwynedd, Lansdale, Hilltown and Perkasie, for some of the newer geocaches. Took a break in the early afternoon for some Munzee because it got too hot for any kind of walking, but resumed geocaching afterwards. Issues with brush and overgrowth were not as bad as last weekend, although there were a few where the going was tough. "Veterans Day - 2015" was the hardest to access. My approach was across a weedy field and a, thankfully, dry creek bed, and then into the thorny wooded area. Even the cache was in a fairly nondescript brush heap in a place with lots of bushes, so it took some work and quite a bit of luck just to catch a glimpse of it. "Lake Shore Drive" was funny because when I checked where I thought the cache would be, I saw only a frog under the bridge, sheltering from the rain. The actual cache hiding spot was a lot cleverer.

Sunday's trip was to the area east of Saturday's trip, specifically to Hatboro, Warminster, Jamison, Richboro, and Southampton. I tried to get as many of the geocaches that I'd skipped over on previous trips because I assumed those would be difficult or time-consuming. Some of them were, but some, like "Deep in the Jungle Gym" and "Undercover Cache", turned out to be fairly quick. Sometimes, it's just by chance that you happen to look the right way upon arriving at the cache site. "A Spot in the Nasty Woods" lived up to its name. It was a tough bushwhack, so I'm a glutton for punishment for doing that in the summer. "Come for the Cache, Stay for the Prickers" was just as bad a bushwhack, although not as deep into the woods. "The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them", on the other hand, wasn't as evil as I thought. I got a tip in the cache logs on the best way to approach the cache site and once there, it was just a matter of looking around. "DemonAnus #1", the cache whose name may kill this journal's G rating, wasn't as difficult as I assumed. I read enough of the cache logs to know what to expect and then it was a matter of being observant.

Saturday 2016-07-16:

Another Cache for Spring House (Pennsylvania)
Way to go, Zacchaeus!! (Pennsylvania)
Ogden Avenue (Pennsylvania)
Village People Redux (Pennsylvania)
TAXMAN's Souvenir (Pennsylvania)
Clark Street (Pennsylvania)
Lake Shore Drive (Pennsylvania)
Dearborn Street (Pennsylvania)
Twisting in the Wind (Pennsylvania)
MY FIRST HIDE (Pennsylvania)
Rocketrobin's first hide (Pennsylvania)
Will Cache for Food (Pennsylvania)
Close To The Creek (Pennsylvania)
Take me out to the ball game (Pennsylvania)
Log This Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Let's Split Up, You Go That Way, I'll Go This Way (Pennsylvania)
*Telegraph* Road (Pennsylvania)
Halsted Street (Pennsylvania)
Happy Halloween 2015 (Pennsylvania)
Heroes vs Villains (Pennsylvania)
Veterans Day - 2015 (Pennsylvania)
Another Split Decision (Pennsylvania)
Unbroken Chain (Pennsylvania)
I Love Scary Movies More Than You Think (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-07-17:

Deep in the Jungle Gym (Pennsylvania)
Ashland Avenue (Pennsylvania)
The Abbreviated 50 States Challenge (Pennsylvania)
Nature's Lounge Chair (Pennsylvania)
Beeched (Pennsylvania)
The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them (Pennsylvania)
Undercover Cache (Pennsylvania)
Come for the Cache, Stay for the Prickers (Pennsylvania)
Kemper Park Cache 1 (Pennsylvania)
Newly Convenient (Pennsylvania)
Warwick Township (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? XV (Pennsylvania)
A Spot in the Nasty Woods (Pennsylvania)
DemonAnus #1 (Pennsylvania)
Sprinkled (Pennsylvania)
For Kids of All Ages (Pennsylvania)
There's a Long, Long Trail a Winding (Pennsylvania)
fun cache (Pennsylvania)
Little Fishes But No Trolls (Pennsylvania)
Where the Sidewalk Ends (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for Southampton (Pennsylvania)
I've Been Working on the Railroad, Twelve (Pennsylvania)
Pleasant Valley Buzz (Pennsylvania)

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