Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Geocaching along I-80/I-81 in PA and the Mine Fire Fur Meet

Got up really early to get to the first geocache after the state border at daybreak. I'd planned nine caches for the day but didn't expect to find them all before lunch. So it went pretty well.

Chipmunk Haven (Pennsylvania)
Too early for this park because the gate was still closed. Actually, the gate wouldn't be opened until 10am according to the sign! No problem. Parked outside and walked in. It was actually a longer walk to the parking lot than from the parking lot to the cache. Good trail though once I got to it.

The Camel's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Near the Camelback Ski Area in Big Pocono State Park. Rather steep road leading up there so I had to use a low gear both going up and down. Parked at the top of the mountain and actually had to go down to get to the cache.

I80/I81 Travel Bug Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Easy dash and bag. Very near parking.

Estate Garden Tour (Pennsylvania)
Unusual area. There are remains of what could have been a stone-lined walkway.

The Campfire Cache (Pennsylvania)
Hazleton Community Park. Short walk from parking but a bushwhack all the way as there were no trails.

Mom-ument (Pennsylvania)
In Ashland. Very prominent memorial a bit up the hill.

The Big Dump (Pennsylvania)
In Centralia. Big abandoned object.

22,000 Days (Pennsylvania)
Centralia. A tour of the town.

The Town Before Time (Pennsylvania)
Centralia. Drove in up the dirt paths and parked near one of the mine fire vents spewing noxious smoke. The cache, thankfully, was in a wooded area just a bit out of the way of the mine subsidence area.

After doing all that, it was only a bit after noon. So I decided to head back to the Dutch Kitchen in Frackville to join up with the Mine Fire Fur Meet headed by xydexx and rigelkitty. About a dozen others were in attendance.

After lunch, we headed over to the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine to take the coal mine tour. It was a short ride into the tunnel on a train, followed by a guided tour of some of the passageways.

After that, came the trip into Centralia. It's a bizarre place. Around the town, there are many vents spewing noxious smoke from the continuously burning coal mine fire underneath. This vent is in the middle of an abandoned highway that used to be Route 61.

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