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Doylestown and Lancaster

Two hot summer days this weekend. Saturday's trip was up to Warminster, Hatfield, Doylestown, and Plumsteadville. Didn't skip past the difficult caches this time because I figured the remaining easy caches were getting way too far away. It's a matter of trying your luck sometimes. "The King of Doylestown", in particular, was a micro cache with 4-star difficulty in dense woods with poor GPS reception. It took a combination of a bunch of different things to find it: I had a feeling about a certain area and I found a pen that a previous cacher probably dropped that turned out to be pretty close to the hiding spot. With some indication that I was on the right track, it was just a matter of poking around until I got it. "Prickerland II" was a different kind of challenge. The biggest hurdle was finding a way to get through a wall of overgrowth into the woods. I guess that could've waited until winter but what the hey?

Sunday's trip was in two parts. I got some local geocaches before heading over to Lancaster for the rest of the day. Once again, I didn't avoid the difficult caches. "Gardening in Pike Creek", although not an easy search, turned out to be something I'd seen before. Of course, I started from the wrong end of the row of bushes so it took a while. "Otters Cache 1" was a long walk in Wolf's Hollow County Park but the trail was mostly pretty good. The cache locations in Lancaster covered the usual assortment of quaint and historic sites, such as a covered bridge, Boehm's Chapel, and the Byerland stone meeting house.

Saturday 2016-07-23:

I'm Just a Simple Country Boy (Pennsylvania)
Blazing Greene Saddles (Pennsylvania)
I Couldn't Bear for You to Miss This (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for 3 Grrls (and you) (Pennsylvania)
Lego My Cache II (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for Your GeoPup (Pennsylvania)
My 100th Hide!!! (Pennsylvania)
Rise and Shrine (Pennsylvania)
5 Feet Up (Pennsylvania)
Burpee Park (Pennsylvania)
The King of Doylestown (Pennsylvania)
In Between (Pennsylvania)
Spring Has Sprung (Pennsylvania)
Pump Station (Pennsylvania)
Got Ammo? III (Pennsylvania)
Prickerland II (Pennsylvania)
Just Hangin' Around (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over No Water IV (Pennsylvania)
Hoop De Doo! (Pennsylvania)
Jennifer Schweitzer Park (Pennsylvania)
STC Kid's Cache - Plumsteadville (Pennsylvania)
The Old Ford (Pennsylvania)
The Old Road (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-07-24:

Caching with Enthusiasm (Delaware)
It's ok to PAF for this one (Delaware)
Gardening in Pike Creek (Delaware)
This ain't Child's Play (Delaware)
Into the Woods (Delaware)
Frosty has melted (Delaware)
Somerset Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Clay Indian (Pennsylvania)
Otters Cache 1 (Pennsylvania)
Covered bridge, mill, creek & a cache. Geo Heaven. (Pennsylvania)
Waiting for the bus (Pennsylvania)
Georick402 is back in Amish Country (Pennsylvania)
Hello down thereeeeeee (Pennsylvania)
Boehm's Chapel (Pennsylvania)
Little Meeting House On The Prairie (Pennsylvania)
SIGN MARTIC PARK (Pennsylvania)
Burn, Baby, Burn (Pennsylvania)
Could Conifer Conceal Cache Container? (Pennsylvania)
Is It Ivy? (Pennsylvania)
Meridional Provisions (Pennsylvania)
Rocky Road (Pennsylvania)

Tags: bucks county, geocaching, lancaster county
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