Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Quakertown, Lehigh Valley, Northeast Harford

The only goal for this weekend was to get the first of the three Mission GC souvenirs. There was a secret message that I decoded a week before and all it said was I needed to find a geocache with 10 or more favorite points to get the souvenir. That's easier said than done though. Geocaches with that many favorite points are few and far between. I had a couple of caches in mind and a backup plan for Sunday in case I couldn't get one on Saturday. Fortunately, it worked out. After geocaching my way up through Quakertown and Bethlehem, I arrived at "The Art of the Cache" on the Lehigh University South Mountain campus. Once I got there, I could see why it got favorite points. It's at a sculpture garden with some rather weird sculptures!.

On Sunday, I intended to go to Dundalk to get the caches that were placed for an event I didn't attend, but then I noticed that the northern and northeastern part of Harford County, Maryland, had a bunch of good countryside geocaches. (including this cow geocache) So that's where the trip ended up. I even got a few geocaches in Delta, PA, in the corner of York County I'd never explored before. Saw a lot of frogs that day. They were camouflaged among the leaves and I'd never have noticed them if they hadn't jumped around.

Saturday 2016-07-30:

Lunch Break (Pennsylvania)
Coimetromania (Pennsylvania)
HP5 (Pennsylvania)
On The Way To Berkshire Geobash (Pennsylvania)
Milky Way (Pennsylvania)
Cermak Road (Pennsylvania)
Iron Bridge Park (Pennsylvania)
Happy Columbus Day (Pennsylvania)
Fido's Pit Stop (Pennsylvania)
Another Bison in a Pine for Quakertown (Pennsylvania)
Eyes on the Prize (Pennsylvania)
Franklin's Tower (Pennsylvania)
Town Hall Rocks and so does Montana (Pennsylvania)
Town Hall Natural (Pennsylvania)
The Art of the Cache (Pennsylvania)
Established Cache (Pennsylvania)
Middle of the Hill (Pennsylvania)
Single Track #1 (Pennsylvania)
Single Track #2 (Pennsylvania)
Single Track #47 (Pennsylvania)
grun-SIZZLE #1 (Pennsylvania)
little bridge (Pennsylvania)
In The Light #2 (Pennsylvania)
Duck Crossing (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-07-31:

In The Pines... (Maryland)
Action Hero Cache (Maryland)
Dustin 2016 (Maryland)
Garden of youth (Maryland)
The Fish Cache (Maryland)
Geohole (Maryland)
Green Trail (Maryland)
Feeling Ruff ~ DSG 13 (Maryland)
Run Thomas Run ~ DSG 10 (Maryland)
The White House ~DSG 12 (Maryland)
1st We Love The Woods (Maryland)
2nd We Love Hiking (Maryland)
3rd We Love Fishing (Maryland)
Bread Crumbs (Maryland)
No Tee Time (Maryland)
Drift wood (Maryland)
Guardrail Bessie (Maryland)
Delta/Cardiff V.F.D. (Pennsylvania)
Cool DP (Pennsylvania)
Delta 105 (Pennsylvania)
Cache to Eagle #10 - BAC, Harford District (Maryland)
OOH RAH! It's a Marine thing! (Maryland)
Angel - Juan (Maryland)

Tags: bucks county, geocaching, harford county, lehigh valley, mission gc

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