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Around Baltimore - Rosedale, Essex, Dundalk, White Marsh, Towson, Northern Baltimore

This weekend was about retracing an arc around Baltimore, to the east and to the north, to get some of the newer geocaches in those areas. The only part that was new to me was Northern Baltimore, just south of Towson, but even then, I'd been to a slice of the area a few years before. Saturday's trip was to Rosedale, Essex, and Dundalk, with the goal of hitting the "HBWLADS" series, which was placed for a recent geocaching event at North Point. When I got there though, I realized that I'd been there before for a previous cache series and some, if not all, the hiding spots were the same as the previous series. Still, it was a good revisit.

Sunday's trip was first to White Marsh, for some geocaches near the mall, and then on to Towson and south into Northern Baltimore. Kept heading south until the parking problems got too annoying and then turned around, back towards Towson. I couldn't believe that even on Sunday, parking was such a problem in that part of Baltimore but apparently, the roadsides, whether in residential areas or near businesses, are close to 100% filled with parked cars. For the day, there was another cache series, "Schmenards trail". There were 5 caches but for some reason, it was missing #4. The one thing I didn't like was two geocaches, "The Trash Cache" and "The Pearly White Cache", seemed to be intentionally hidden in the trashiest spots possible. The former was between a Jersey barrier and a fence, where litter accumulates and in all likelihood, never gets removed. The latter was hidden where people smoke outside the doors of a building and was literally sitting in a bed of cigarette butts, which made the cache name ironic. I hope it isn't the start of a new trashy cache trend but if it is, perhaps I should go to a different area or just play Munzee there, which is a very active game in the White Marsh area.

Saturday 2016-08-06:

Skull and Bones #2 (Maryland)
An Eggcellent Cache (Maryland)
How much wood can a Woodchuck chuck! (Maryland)
On The Way To Work (Maryland)
SSS: The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (Maryland)
Extra Extra......Stop and read all about it (Maryland)
Which Way do I go? (Maryland)
Kmart Cache (Maryland)
WT - 80 Merritt & North Point (Maryland)
would you like some wine with that? (Maryland)
Saved by JD (Maryland)
Overflow Parking (Maryland)
End Of The Road (Maryland)
Off to see the Wizard...... (Maryland)
Jones Creek Little Free Library (Maryland)
HBWLADS #10 Part 2 (Maryland)
HBWLADS #6 Part 2 (Maryland)
HBWLADS #5 Part 2 (Maryland)
HBWLADS #1 Part 2 (Maryland)
HBWLADS #2 Part 2 (Maryland)
HBWLADS #3 Part 2 (Maryland)
HBWLADS#4 Part 2 (Maryland)
HBWLADS #7 Part 2 (Maryland)
HBWLADS #8 Part 2 (Maryland)
HBWLADS #9 Part 2 (Maryland)
20,000 Caches (Maryland)
1st Flag Hide (Maryland)
Coming to Baltimore: Turner Station Park (Maryland)
The Roadhouse 2 (Maryland)
Cash Cache Series #2 (Maryland)

Sunday 2016-08-07:

Thanks to all the hiders (Delaware)
Skull and Bones #1 (Maryland)
WMPR (Maryland)
Nottingham Library "Branch" (Maryland)
Schmenards trail #5 (Maryland)
Schmenards trail #1 (Maryland)
Schmenards trail #2 (Maryland)
Schmenards trail #3 (Maryland)
The Trash Cache (Maryland)
This Cache Makes Life Better (Maryland)
Cash Cache Series #1 (Maryland)
"Dubyah Dubyah" (Maryland)
Hey! Don't Kick Me Around! (Maryland)
The Pearly White Cache (Maryland)
Burton's challenge (Maryland)
Burrito Cache & Dash (Maryland)
I scream (Maryland)
Pillar Amongst the Geocaching Nuts (Maryland)
Evesham Park (Maryland)
chief commodity (Maryland)
Tucked in at Homeland (Maryland)
#9 Revolutions of the Book (Maryland)
Scorpion Bison (Maryland)
#6 Documentary Photography (Maryland)
Believe Hon, The Miracle on 34th Street (Maryland)
Keys (Maryland)
A Smart Lunch (Maryland)
83 - up above - watch for the wildlife (Maryland)

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