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White Marsh / Pikesville / Reisterstown, Lancaster LXXI

It was the third and last Mission GC weekend. This time, I needed to find a mystery geocache for the souvenir and the very first cache on Saturday, "A really old Smarty-Pants", fit the bill. It wasn't a very difficult mystery cache, so I'm surprised I hadn't gone for it yet. All the information you need comes from a historical marker (that you can look up online, but don't tell the cache owner! >.> ) and it's pretty much a park and grab once you have the final coordinates. So once I was done with that, everything else was gravy. There were some challenging caches and a weird one, Hungry Roach. Mr. Charles was a nice character, although his geocache took some looking to find.

Sunday's trip was to Lancaster again to find some new geocaches, both traditional and puzzle, that had been published during the week since my last visit. There was a new Pokemon-themed series, although I only did two of those. Then there was a short tour along the Susquehanna River for a bunch of caches in Washington Township and Columbia, including this turtle cache. The interesting thing about Lancaster County is the locals archive and replace sets of caches every now and then to keep things fresh. I was sure I'd finished the caches along the Enola Low-Grade Trail two years ago but there was a new set of caches, which I may return to when the weather is cool enough for a longer walk.

Saturday 2016-08-27:

A really old Smarty-Pants (Maryland)
The Golden Years (Maryland)
Little Playground (Maryland)
Rouse & Co Cache (Maryland)
Gnarled Love (Maryland)
Light at the end of the tunnel. ~ 2 (Maryland)
Bansuri Bug Hotel (Maryland)
Pikes Rocks! (Maryland)
Woods of Woodholme II (Maryland)
Deer in a Headlight (Maryland)
Aloysius Snuffleupagus' Friend (Maryland)
RFB (Maryland)
Heckling Geezers (Maryland)
Under the Boardwalk (Maryland)
Hungry Roach (Maryland)
Bricks And Timber (Maryland)
Park Heights #1 - End of the Road (Maryland)
Landscapers Lunch Cache (Maryland)
Park Heights #2 - Natural Hole in One (Maryland)
Park Heights #3 - The Log Marks the Log (Maryland)

Sunday 2016-08-28:

Mixed Emotions (Pennsylvania)
PP4 - Sinnoh Region (Pennsylvania)
PP7 - Alola Region (Pennsylvania)
Dennis T. (Pennsylvania)
Get Ready, Everyone! (Pennsylvania)
Oito-Oito-Dezesseis (Pennsylvania)
Sileo in Pacis - Herr Memorial (Pennsylvania)
Rock Man Enough (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the ELGT: snapper (Pennsylvania)
Roosting Shorebirds (Pennsylvania)
Thank you, Washington Boro Veterans (Pennsylvania)
1616 (Pennsylvania)
CLUE TOO: #12 Gamepiece (Pennsylvania)
Roosting Peregrine Falcon (Pennsylvania)
Gaudy Guardrail Grab (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to the Rivertowns (Pennsylvania)
CLUE TOO: #13 Gamepiece (Pennsylvania)
Everything in This Town is Burning... (Pennsylvania)
York 100 - Wendy's Place (Pennsylvania)
Belle's First Hide (Pennsylvania)
Treasure Trove (Pennsylvania)
First Hill lockdown (Pennsylvania)
Higher Education #1 (Pennsylvania)
Higher Education #3 (Pennsylvania)

Tags: baltimore county, carroll county, geocaching, lancaster county, york county

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